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The Sword of Embera  Empty The Sword of Embera

Post by Chavah on Wed Dec 14, 2011 2:13 am

The Sword of Embera  Hand-and-half

The Sword of Embera is a longsword.

It has a long cruciform hilt with grips over 15 cm length (providing room for two hands). It has a straight double-edged blade about 1.2 m (48") in length and weighs 1.2kg (2┬Żlbs). It was originally designed to be used by Rane in combat, which is why it falls on the lighter end of the Longsword family.

Rane created the first Soul Weapon in over 800 years. She followed instructions found within the Book of Sozon. To create the Sword of Embera she murdered a fellow faye to use as a sacrifice (in this case Chavvah). Using the faye's soul, which has the power of transformation, Rane joined together an inanimate weapon and a fayesoul to create a Sould Blade. This act of killing her own kind labeled her as a 'Heretic' and caused her loyalist Paladins to abandon her and revolt against her. The SOE was stolen from her by the Paladins and kept hidden.

In response, Rane created the Sunblade which applied the same techniques to create the SOE but she used the soul of a light faye in its place. This blade too was stolen from her.

These Soul Weapons, despite their unplanned creation, were accepted into the world, and Joshua Youngsblood was the first person to fight as a Weapon and Master team.

Rane's original plan was bond her soul with Chavvah's in order to increase her power tenfold with her main focus being on Embera magic. However, Joshua discovered that by working with the spirit within the blade, it was possiible to awaken the spirit within. This allows for the spirit to work independently from her "master" for short periods of times.

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