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Sword of Embera: Factions  Pirate Pirates: These can be either humans or Faye. Whether they are air or water pirates, they generally hold no loyalty to the Category, Chenoa, or Jason. They mostly operate individually. The sole qualifications to be a pirate is that they are ruthless and rough. As well, they seem to like to dress rather gaudily.

Sword of Embera: Factions  Pirate-1 The Yellow Brothers: The most powerful of the pirating factions are the The Yellow Brothers Gang, whom have influence over the seas from Chenoa to Azar. They are currently in debt to a certain King Medus, who has now made himself their ring leader. Their flag airship is called the Calypso's Fall, and is captained by Medus and 1st Lt. Namida. They have about 15 other airships under their control. Compared to most other pirates, they are fairly uniformed by wearing red coats, while the Captains wear blue.

Sword of Embera: Factions  Lastexile2 Chenoan Resistance: These can be humans or faye. These people are the defenders of their Princess Voirrey and are considered to be by the Category the official government in exile of Chenoa. They are mostly centered in Eternium, the central hub of the Category. Their goal is to ensure that the SOE is found by them and themselves alone, so that Jason cannot have any use of the Central Point. They have been known to stage terrorist acts on Jason’s soldiers and are generally not the type of people you want to meet in the back of a dark alley. Since they are in mourning over the loss of their nation, they only wear black or purple coats.

Sword of Embera: Factions  Art-004 Empire Soldiers: These are chiefly humans. They are the loyal supporters of Jason and see no wrong in their king. Empire boys leave home for military boarding school at the age of seven and are required to serve in the army until age of thirty. Then they pass into the active reserve, where they remain until the age of sixty. This creates the sense that all the men in the armed services are equal in the eyes of their Emperor. These soldiers are trained to emphasize physical toughness, steadfastness in military ranks, and absolute obedience to order. All armor is ordered to be white to reflect the majesty of the clouds.

Sword of Embera: Factions  Warrior Dunkelheit:They are a group of Embera Faye conservative radicals that support trying to bring back a monarchy.

Sword of Embera: Factions  Anime-fire Mixed Bloods: Since humans and Faye have a close enough genetic structure, they can successfully have children with each other. The only way to tell if one is a half faye, it is that they have the hair color of their tribe but lack the ‘pointed’ ears. Mixed Bloods have a greater control over magic than their human counter parts, but they are no as near as powerful as their full blooded Faye counterparts. They live fairly normal live because of the fact that since both Faye and humans have had decades of peace, no on really cares about ancestry in that sense.

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