The Story of the Sword of Embera

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The Story of the Sword of Embera Empty The Story of the Sword of Embera

Post by Chavah on Wed Dec 14, 2011 2:17 am

The Story of the Sword of Embera

Welcome to the World of Mirbella, a realm in which magic is viewed as a very real science. The residents have reached a modernized world in which magic and steam power is used to advance the world for the better. Objects like complex flying machines, computers, and other items that are eerily similar to our own world exist but powered by complex magic. But that is the present; let us focus on the not so distant past.

What is important to my tale is the Sword of Embera; an airship of great power. It is a folk tale about an airship that can change forms, is faster than anything known to science, and so much more. But I am getting a head of myself.

The Story of the Sword of Embera Embera

First things; first. Embera. There are five elements that are identified. Beyond solid (Earth; Forest), liquid (Water), gas (Air), and plasma (Fire), the other identified element has to do with life, or living matter called Embera. Embera is a substance that covers the planet. It can neither be seen nor smelled.

There lies a rift in our world because of this. Conflicts are often fought for control of the element.

In fact; this story begins when the imperialistic kingdom of Rellinia declared war on the Embera Kingdom. Their influence would be profound, setting a change of events that would cause the raise of Rane the Silver Witch.

The Story of the Sword of Embera 24798628_m

Rane's true name was Mistlyn. She was a red haired maiden that had a lot of potential for good. Mistyln learned how to tap into the supernatural voids that make up the world under the guidance of a scholar named Dedrick De Marisco.

However, with the invasion into her realms, the Rellinians brought with them a “scholar” that broke the ancient taboo of melding magic and technology together to make weapons of war.

This was the dark start of the Industrial Revolution.

The Story of the Sword of Embera Sp_troops_v1_by_Saito00-1

After the death of her father and the destruction of her capital, Mistlyn became hyper focused on finding the Living Deity of Embera. Dedrick had taught Mistlyn that in every generation, there are a few people that have high magical potential within them. The Void is the most powerful part of these people. Learning from the invaders, she began to plot to make a magi-tech weapon that not even the Rellinians could withstand.

This caused a rift between her and the Paladins, an elite shock unit in her military. They were conservatives that viewed themselves as the upholders of justice in the kingdom. Viewing their murmurs as a personal attack, Mistlyn became even more obsessive about finding the living deity.

It was a major delight when she found Eve, the younger sister of her lover Adonai. Eve had all the right signs of being a living deity. Believing hard work will pay off in the end, Mistlyn continued to try and persuade Eve to help her.

The Story of the Sword of Embera Evecry

Eve never gave in. Her brother Adonai kept moving his sister from locale to locale. Annoyed with all the evading, Mistyln finally found Eve and proceeded to attack when she was the most vulnerable. Her soul was transfer into a void barrier, which keeps the soul trapped. Without a mortal body blocking all of her inner power, Eve became a source of seemingly infinite power.

The Story of the Sword of Embera Hw1

With the main core ready, Mistlyn could finish her airship. She planned to use this weapon on Rellinia. This was almost prevented when Eve's brother, Adonai halted Mistlyn inside the airship. The void barrier was on her very person. Enraged, Mistlyn attacked him with her best skills learned from Dedrick. Adonai fought against her with much fury. He came close to overthrowing her but couldn't see himself killing the woman he loved. Broken hearted and distressed, she killed him with her Embera Claws. Eve witnessed the death of her brother but could do nothing. Her anger soon caused the barrier to glow. The light blinded Rane, causing her to drop the orb out a window and into the countryside.

The Story of the Sword of Embera 7c7db421c2ce6e4ece82e029b2d045c0

This finally pushed her over the edge and she used the name Rane, which means pain, from this point on. She dyed her hair silver, the sign of mourning in her culture. Her fashion also attempted to reflect the golden days of the Embera Kingdom.

However, not all was well for her. The death of Adonai triggered the Paladin Rebellion. Rane's elite soldiers turned on her and slowly were able to get the aid of several other nations; chiefly Chenoa led by their High Priestess Erin Tenpenny. Like Rane, she too had been taught by Dedrick De Marisco.

The Story of the Sword of Embera ErinTenpenny

Erin quickly searched the country side for the barrier. Rane appeared and battled Erin. It seemed that the match would end in defeat for Erin; until Dedrick De Marisco came to the aid of Erin. Rane recaptured the orb and still remained in power. She could continue with her plans to use her new airship, the Sword of Embera to destroy Rellinia.

The Story of the Sword of Embera Dedrick-1

Meanwhile, Eve has a strange vision of a young man apologizing for all the things that have happened...

Thus ends the first part of the tale…..

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The Story of the Sword of Embera Empty Part Two

Post by Chavah on Sun Apr 08, 2012 2:00 am

The Story of the Sword of Embera

The Story of the Sword of Embera Feeb466ac5238a0b2f8807096f18d667

It has been six months since the Sword of Embera has destroyed Rellinia. Nothing but ashes remains of a once technologically advanced society; their army has surrendered and has been shipped back to their homeland.

Queen Rane is now a national heroine, to most that is.

In the countryside, the elite units of the Paladins are now in open revolt. Since the death of one of their officers, Eldoin, they have been amounting terrorist attacks on army barracks and other sites of importance around the Zeledin countryside. They have the greatest amount of support from the farmers and regions from where the elites were raised.

The regular military and militias are on high alert…

Meanwhile, in the countryside.

The Story of the Sword of Embera E00277ff0538b99d5e7bd8c9ade29752

After their defeat, Dedrick and Erin have decided to hide out in a small port town called Elroot. They have been dwelling with a blacksmith named Feltok Youngsblood. His adopted son, Joshua watched on in interest.

Joshua has served as an assistant for his adopted father; working on various machines. Often times armed with a hunting rifle, Joshua spent his time in the woods hunting instead of watching the shop. He has a decent religious education. However, many believe he was cursed because of his bad luck. Very few interacted with him, save for his friend Dion. He was not an overly brave person because of constant beatings he received by sailors when he tried looting from ships.

Joshua had a goal to fight with the army in order to defend his homelands from the invasion by Rellinia. However, his father said no. With the creation of the Sword of Embera and the Paladin Rebellion breaking out, Feltok was against his son going off to battle.

Joshua attempted to become friends with Erin Tenpenny. He thought that she was cute. To his surprise, she actually did talk to him. Later, Erin and Dedrick then revealed to Feltok that the queen had done many dark things. Joshua overheard this. Since his father was a former Paladin, he knew that the rebels might try to force him back into combat.

The Story of the Sword of Embera 00cff623ca373155a9a4005642b0e30c

His fears were right. The Paladins did come to recruit Feltok. He refused and a scuffle began between the old man and the radical soldiers. In response, the Paladins shot him for being a “traitor to the cause.” Dedrick and Erin came back too late. Joshua grew to resent what had happened. Deciding to abandon his past he demanded that Dedrick and Erin help train him in the ways of magic. In his views, the only way to fix this mess was to liberate Rane from her darkness.

Erin then suggests to Dedrick that they should take him back to Chenoa with them, so he can meet “Team Zero.” If he decided to train with them, it could be possible for them to accomplish their goals of capping Rane’s magical powers without resorting to a full scale war. The original team would be made up of Joshua Youngsblood, Erin Tenpenny (Water Faye), Elrik Veyado (Earth Faye), Stino Glenhill, Dion (Forest Faye), and Flora Cypress (Light Faye).

Meanwhile back in Zeledin, Rane is nearly assassinated by one of the Paladins. Therefore, the overseers declare that Rane should remain hidden from public affairs for a few days. While Rane ponders why someone would try to murder her, she talks with her handmaiden, Lassi.

The Story of the Sword of Embera Miyuki_speechlessyusuke_one-shot

Lassi was a friendly, energetic, fun, compassionate, sensitive and kind young woman. There was a calm aura to her, which other servants of Rane found to be soothing. While she was almost officially an adult, she was quite childish, unless in the presence of her Queen. Another quality to Lassi was that she could see the light in everyone. She was convinced that no being can be downright evil to the core.

After several months, Joshua and the Team Zero go on a very daring raid. They will capture the Sword of Embera. The airship is kept on display for show of power. Their plans do not go well at first; until a bomb planted by the Paladins goes off in another part of the city. Most of the guards are called off; since the belief is that no one outside of the queen knows how the ship works, a naïve move on army’s end.

The Story of the Sword of Embera 2011062100001

Joshua and Erin are the first to discover the chamber were Eve is held. Her form has been reduced to a meager blue light. Erin attempts to wake her up, but Eve ignores her. Joshua then pleads with her. If she helps them, then he’ll find a way to set her free from this prison. Eve scoffs at this idea, but then Elrik Veyado suggests that maybe she can get revenge on Rane for all the pain she has suffered. This is what sets her interests. The ship then takes off.

Rane now has a massive set back on her hands. Enraged, she orders a massive campaign in the countryside to force the Paladins out at any cost. She is under the assumption that they stole her ship and they will pay for this. Lassi remains by Rane’s side, but is unsure if this was the best course of action. Rane grows angrier and angrier.

While most of the Team celebrates their remarkable victory, Joshua stays behind with Eve. He talks with her about various things. Unlike Eve, Josh was the "all American hero" and a callback to heroes of more innocent times. He hardly ever swore. He is rugged, dorky, and he drinks his four glasses of milk every day. Joshua tries to avoid fights as much as possible since it’s not in his nature to kill unless he’s in extreme danger.

It is decided that the airship should be dismantled, so that Rane can’t use it again. Joshua and Erin carefully remove the Void barrier and place Eve’s spirit form into Joshua’s backpack. They then sink the airship to bottom of the sea, near a place called the Reef of Destruction.

Most of Team Zero votes to return to Chenoa since they don’t want to force their nations into a war, should Rane find out that the Paladins weren’t involved with the raid. However, Joshua, Erin, and Dion decide to band together to face Rane.

The Story of the Sword of Embera 273bfbe3bdd72b7c2201d96b33d77066

The four soon set off, facing dangers near and far. The conflict the paladins and the regular army was still being wage. This would bring a new threat to Josh’s life, when Rane sensed the presence of Eve on one of the battlefields. He slowly gained Eve’s trust and they began to become close friends. After several encounters with the Paladins, he was able to convince most of them that they were on similar terms; especially, when Eve began to speak and once they realized it was he who helped to take down the airship.

One night, Joshua and Iudio decided to travel back to the palace of Rane to get an idea of how they could deal with Rane. They had left Eve with Erin at a nearby friendly Paladin camp. Joshua encountered Lassi for the first time. After several more visits, they began to respect each other. One night, Lassi decided to follow Josh back to the camp. There she hugged Joshua in plain site. This made Eve jealous, though Josh felt their love was like that of a brother and sister. Fearing that she’d squeal the Paladins attempt to attack her, before both Dion and Erin intervened.

After this event, Joshua began more aggressive in battling Rane’s dark mind. He didn’t trust the Paladin’s intentions. Speaking with both Erin and Dion, he took Eve with him to face off against her. Rane was ultimately defeated when Joshua and Eve realized that splitting her auras was the only means to defeating her. Using her full power, Eve destroyed the soul barrier and blasted Rane. In a strange exchange, Eve’s body was reinstated, while Rane was turned into a spirit. The dark half of Rane was then locked into the Embera Void, where it was trapped. The whereabouts of the other auras remain unknown. Eve then turned comatose. Then the Paladins came charging in. They had managed to capture the Palace with the help of Erin and Dion.

A year passes. After realizing that Eve would have wanted him to move on with life, Joshua married Lassi and helped with the founding of the Category. He refused to become a king, but rather believed that the best way to prevent major wars was to create a society based upon magical studies and policies that supported other nations.

The Royal Zeledin Army was offered a chance to remain in power but many soldiers and people of the cities decided to move away. Rane was still very popular amongst many of them and they felt that this new government was not a legitimate heir. They would move to a different island to establish a “government-in-exile.”

The Story of the Sword of Embera F8f1212f5e55162e8edead792e20d486

Eve is laid to rest in a small house in one of the villages of the former kingdom. Some believe it was the house that she lived in before all the events that unfolded. For now, Eve needs to recover…She may just wake up again when she is needed the most. However that secret is only known by Joshua and Lassi.

It seemed that peace has finally come to Mirabella.

And that’s where my story will begin. Until Next time!

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