The Sword of Embera (Airship)

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The Sword of Embera (Airship)  Empty The Sword of Embera (Airship)

Post by Chavah on Wed Apr 18, 2012 2:13 pm

The Sword of Embera (Airship)  Feeb466ac5238a0b2f8807096f18d667

The airship is roughly 200 ft long, can have a crew of upwards to Crew Complement: 610 + 200 musketeers (roughly 400 were used in the few battles that she had been involved in), and around 100 small guns. Maximum Speed: 151.1kt

Her father had ordered the ship's construction in secret in Fort Watcher, which is several hundred miles inland from the main population of Zeledin on the coasts. This was a means to defend the kingdom from any would be attackers.

Rane came up with the concept of using magic to power an airship, though she was not the first to consider this. Airships had existed for sometime in the history of Mirabella since the need to travel from island to island was easier done by air than ship. But they are anything but cheap, and the cost to keep them running, alone, is enough to make most nobles blush. No matter the design, wether the airship stays buoyant by magically powered sails or balloons full of magically infused gas, all airships require the same fuel; coal.

The engineers created a brand-new Embera-powered propulsion system, based on the independent propulsion engines some of the more successful commercial airships of the era. The new ship would utilize dual engines, one type to generate lift and another for propulsion and maneuvering, just as the commercial airships use, albeit scaled far up. The design of the ship makes it quite fast and maneuverable, able to out-flank an enemy vessel, softening it up with its long-range weaponry and eventually moving in with several point-blank assault weapons to take it down for good.

The SOE was first useful military class airship, for comparison the others would be like biplanes and the SOE would be like a superfortress. It is technologically far superior to the warships used by Relilinia. It's armor is capable of withstanding direct hits from the shells most of warships without damage.

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The true reason it was successful was because of its power source, an unlimited source of energy. Rane used her training as a magi and mixed it with the science of the era to create a soul barrier. After stealing Eve's soul, her magical cicruits ("soul") created enough renewable energy for both engines that it proved highly successful in combat.

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