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What is Sword of Embera?    Empty What is Sword of Embera?

Post by Chavah on Sun Dec 11, 2011 11:38 pm

Good question to ask. As most of you have noticed for the past few years that we've been on this current site, I have been using this site to post character sheets, some written entries, and various storylines for this story line.

I started the story line in 2001, shortly after 9/11 to help me focus on something other than the world back then. The plot was really simple back then. It was simply about two young boys from our world that found themselves in a fantasy world full of elves and the likes. The later found out that they were the descendants of a famous hero named Joshua and they had to free him his forced slumber caused by a demon named Y'ieth. The original cast was made of a thief boy named Joseph, a monk named Dylan, a talking hamster named Stino, a dinosaur (don't ask), and a god named Iudio. This cast stayed around for about a year.

Then I decided to remove the elements of Joe and Dylan since they weren't very good heroes in my books. So I decided to focus on Joshua and his band before they dealt with the Y'ieth. In this context, I developed his background to include his goddess mother Silea/Melissa and a brother named Nemeut. I also added in the story of a woman named Faye, whom was head strong and opinionated. She was the High Priestess of the community of Chenoa. Like most fantasies, Chenoa was over-run by a character named Elrik and his band that supported the Y'ieth.

It was now around 2004 that I worked with my friend named Jon that helped make the story a little larger and campy by adding in Adam Armsmith, the Demon Yves, Dedrick, and Stino being central to the storyline. Aft first this was considered a separate canon for me. It was made into a crappy short film. I decided later on to make a manga of it. The first draft was crude and missing many elements into it. Thus I created the character of Westy to be the first female lead of the storyline. She was originally intended to be the daughter of Faye and Dedrick. I never finished the redraft of that film because I had decided to focus once again on Joshua and his band. This "manga" became more complex and indepth by adding the element of Embera into the plotline. It was meant to be the element that allowed for magic to be used in this world.

Then in 2006, I had my first co-author. My close friend Laurannia providing the base for what much of the current characters are based off of. She introduced the characters of Rory and Laurannia (if you were ever wondering why I use Rory as a screen name this is why) in her story "Leaving Serenity." I had asked her if she'd be willing to intermingle our two worlds together because I really loved her sappy but sad love story. So in order to make the plots more complex, we added Westy into the plot as Rory's sister. Their goal was to find Westy in the human world and save her from the Cult of Y'ieth and a the leader of an elf band lead by minor villains Malden and Eru Sunfire. Overall, I can honestly say that she was the one helped established a lot of my current projects; whether it is Sword of Embera, Winterlands/Dreamlands, Miss Victoria, or Selina: The Flower of Carnage.

Chaos entered the scene while I was still working closely with her in 2007; though in 2008 she disappeared from my life and then Chaos became my main "ally." It was at that point that Leaving Serenity broke up into the various plots I mentioned above. Rory and Westy were moved to Winterlands/Dreamland, so that left me going back to the drawing board. Chaos and I planned "Inverted Fairy Tale" on the whim with the idea of it being a simple adventure story line involving a crew as they journeyed around to find the Living Goddess, which was a carry over from Serenity. It obviously evolved from there. Chaos and I would spend several hours doing MSN Mini-RPs to get ideas. That's where the concept of the Sword of Embera came from.

We also introduced the plot's main villian, aka Rane. She's gone through a lot of changes, first being one of the "Seven Sins" that were created by Elrik of the Y'ieth to battle the heroes. Then she evolved into Sky's future wife gone back to prevent him going off too war via time loops, next as a queen of some vast and distant Empire from far way. Inverted Fairytale ultimately came to an end due to lack of posts. It then evolved into the Sword of Embera thanks to Asmodeus' suggestion when it was attempted as a Mass RP in 2008. That plotline helped to form most of the modern storyline since it introduced a majority of the canon characters. However, it proved to be too difficult to intermingle two separate plots, so it ended prematurely. 2008-2009, mostly focused on character interactions between the current cast. Eve was introduced as the spirit of the Sword of Embera, which was the biggest change so far.

2009, also saw the introduction of Generation One, which once again focused on Joshua and his bands. I was curious as to how the world got to be the way it was in the now dubbed "Generation Two." This also brought Rane back from limbo and reintroduced her as Mistlyn, whom was a minor character in Leaving Serenity. Her story became one about a tragic hero becoming a villain and explained the origin of the Sword of the series.

2010, introduced Generation III, which focused on Sky's children and living in a world post-war and peaceful. I was working on this generation mostly with Alarice, whom created Alax to play around with Patience. It also reintroduced Malden and Sunfire form Leaving Serenity as foes. There was also some focus on a character named Jani and her quest to find machines, though that wasn't really canon in my books.

In 2011, my partnership with Chaos has ended. This was due to several reasons that really don't need to be brought up here. I still thank him for all that he's contributed to the overall story and I wish him well with other projects he maybe working on in the future. At this time, I'm currently working with Fluffy, Zypher, Fel, and several other people via Embera Project! to consolidate the plots so that they flow better.

I thank you for your time reading this.

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