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Post by Chavah on Sun Oct 21, 2012 1:29 am

Voice of Humanity

Our goal:

We are a peaceful group, despite what others would have you believe. Yes some of our members have been tied to so called 'terrorist' activities but I assure you our goals are nothing more that the preservation of mankind and those members where quickly expelled. The corporations and governments all say there there is noting wrong with replacing your body to make yourself stronger, faster. But I ask you this: Where will it stop? Would you really cut off a perfectly good arm or leg simply to gain an edge. Do you trust Nova Corps or any other money machine to decide what goes into your body, literally what you are? All we ask is that you use your reason and open your eyes. Keep humanity pure, retain control of your body. Stay human.

We are the people, we are you.

Whether you're registered or not you have the right to choose what your body is made of. You have the right to say no to cybernetics. Yo have the right to your humanity. We have funded numerous charities that care for the underprivileged, the needy, schools, hospitals. We seek to be a force for good in this world.All we ask is for you to keep yourself pure of the machine taint that pollutes out society and encourage others to do the same. If you wish to give back to us to and talk to a recruiting officer at any of our centers and learn how you can volunteer to help our cause to help you.

Group Overview:

The voice of humanity never started in one place at one time. As long as there have been cybernetics there have been those who have been against them and this sentiment was given a name and a face twenty years ago by a professor at the University of Colorado, Dr. Heinrich Brakman who as art of his philosophy lectures was a harsh critic of the "replacement of the soul of humanity" and it was his students who Formed the core of the Voice of humanity after Brakman on September 5th 18 years ago was shot during a robbery. Many believe we was silenced by the corporations and he has become a martyr figure as well as a father figure for the Humanists.

 Voice of Humanity Cybran

 Voice of Humanity Sep5
Even in the wake of the destruction of Los Angeles, Dr. Brakman has yielded little ground to his critics. In his new book, "The Voice of Humanity" he explores the ways in which biotechnology may change the human essence. In it he believes a "posthuman" future is one to avoid.

The danger is the greater because those closest to the action -- scientists and bioethicists -- cannot in his view be trusted to raise the alarm. Scientists are interested in conquering nature while many bioethicists, Dr. Brakman contends, ''are slowly becoming nothing more than "sophisticated justifiers" of whatever it is the scientific community wants to them do.''

However, the University of Colorado has stated that Brakman's views are not academic but purely political. It is well known that Dr. Brakman once had an official voice on such matters as a member of the White House's Council of Bioethics.

Genetic engineering of the human body --such as making permanent changes to the genes -- would pose the most direct threat to human nature but other techniques bear watching, in his view. Mood changing drugs could change society if taken widely enough, and Dr. Brakman says he wonders whether Hitler or Stalin would have felt the need to conquer Europe if either had been able to pop a Prozac tablet occasionally.

Major increases in human longevity could also be disruptive, he fears, because ''life extension will wreak havoc with most existing age-graded hierarchies,'' postponing social change in countries with aging dictators and thwarting innovation in others.

But the most serious threat to the stability of human societies is genetic engineering that may alter, by design or inadvertence, the special balance of contrarieties of human nature.

Human nature, Dr.Brakman argues, ''is fundamental to our notions of justice, morality and the good life.''

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