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Character Name: Chavvah or Hava, English translation: Eve Stoico
Name Meaning: "Breath of Life” in Hebrew
Alias: The Sword of Embera
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Embera Faye/Spirit.
Age: 16 (?)
B-Day: 7/23
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Bloodtype: B
Place of Birth: Zeledin City, Kingdom of Zeledin
Current Residence: Within a Void Barrier that bounds her to the airship called the Sword of Embera.
Occupation: Before her death, Eve was a dress maker, now the most powerful weapon in the world.
School/Grade: Unknown
Family: Brother: Eldoin Stoico
Gemstone: Tourmalines


Eve Stoico Evestare

Height: 152.4 centimeters

Hair: Eve’s hair is white. This was because of Rane’s corruption of Eve’s soul when she was put into the Sword of Embera. She therefore has lost her original looks and was reimaged in Rane’s view of a perfect goddess. It is impossible to know what Eve’s original form might have looked like since she changed her form upon regaining a new body.

Eyes: Ice Blue

Distinguishing Marks: Under all of her clothing, Eve’s body is tattooed with ancient runes that were imposed onto her body by the means of dark magic used by Rane. They reveal a legend about the Living Goddess and how she will one day set the world free from the tyranny of the Fallen Ones.

General Appearance: Eve wears a traditionalist outfit that dates from before the era of Rane.This makes most people assume that she is a monk or a part of the temple. Eve wears three eagle feathers on the right side of her hair. This is a symbol of her father’s clan. Most of her clothing is a mix match of purples and whites.

General Clothing: Since Eve is a spirit; her clothing is the same that she was slain in. This includes a white cape, a smock, and a purple short jacket with the symbol of the Paladin resistance movement on her breast (a three branched tree).

Strengths: Eve is currently immortal; there are no spells that can currently faze her.

Weaknesses: Eve’s biggest hindrance is that she can only appear outside of the void barrier, as a projection. If any of her powers are to be provoked, someone must carry the void barrier around with them.

More: Weight: 45.4 kg, Breast: 75 cm, Waist: 50 cm, Hips: 80 cm


Allies: The Category Alliance (Generation One), The Category (Generations Two and Three).

Enemies: Rane at first is her biggest foe, Dedrick is the one she dislikes more.

Current Goal/Purpose: During Generation One: She wants revenge against Rane for killing her to be used as a weapon of mass destruction. At the start of Generation Two, Eve is comatose. Eve plays a large taking on Jason’s army. Eve wants to be free and find someone that will understand her, just like Joshua did. She doesn’t want to be dominated.

Aspirations: Eve wants to live again. She hates being stuck in the barrier and wants to escape from enslavement.

Hobbies: Eve is one who loves the arts and creative things. This is the child that is always doing something inventive and unique. But more importantly, she truly wants center stage! Dancing and dress making are what she best known for during her life.

Likes: Eve loves the new and extraordinary. This makes her prone to stir up a situation out of nowhere just for something to keep her vivacious temperament satisfied. Eve has an amazing ability to bounce back from any feelings of despair or unfortunate events.

Dislikes: Eve despises dull, regular routines and if this is what they are faced with, they will simply create their own drama and excitement. Eve does not like to be unhappy, it hurts hir pride so she will take matters into her own hands and make things right again

Talents: Eve is far from limited. Eve loves to initiate change, in return becoming naturally attracted to activities that allow her to initiate reform in some fashion. Eve is attracted to gigs, careers, and jobs that allow her to create, think outside the box, and transform.

Inabilities: Eve is very pretentious and likes to go to extremes to show off her talents, at times she has even exhausted her Embera count and is forced to remain in the sword for several days to fully recover. She is domineering and wants her way to be the only way. She does not compromise very well. Eve can also be highly melodramatic. Finally she is stubborn and vain.

Fears: No one gong to worship her skills anyone.

General Personality: People are attracted to Eve's zest for life and her warm spirit. She has the ability to lift up one's spirits and provide encouragement when times are rough. Her enthusiasm attracts people, Eve is a social butterfly, not because she wants to be but because people always naturally gravitate and surround her.

Eve is a very difficult faye to not like, she is usually fairly balanced and realistic. She never dwells on the past too much (the exception is about her time with Joshua) and she will think you are strange if you do.

Eve might be too caught up in herself and can be very self-centered but she is never too self-absorbed to help anyone who needs it. Eve pampers her friends and treats them well. She is the ultimate friend. She does not hold a grudge, is very forgiving, respects and understands people's differences.

Eve does come into conflict with other powerhouse type of people who will not take orders and not give an inch, Eve will not budge her opinion, she will understand and accept opinions of others but she does not take well to people to try to impose their beliefs on her. Eve has the temperament of a demanding, spoiled child but this is only shown if someone steps on the boundaries of her “kingdom.” She reacts this way because of her territoriality.

She is very independent but she needs something to control and someone to admire her and appreciate her. She is fully capable of being greatly successful on her own but she is much happier if she has an audience and a following of people who look up to her. She would prefer not be alone.

Inner Personality: Eve is extremely sensitive but she hides that very well. She loves praise and flattery, her ego demands respect and adoration. Eve is all about pride. This can cause her to be self-centered but the warmth of her heart keeps it under control. If her audience, otherwise known as her friends, does not provide the needed appreciation, Eve is too proud to ask for it and she will suffer a hurt ego, but no one will ever know and she will suffer in silence.

Fondest Memory: When she defeated Rane the first time around.

Biggest Regret: Not being able to live her life out with Joshua.

Secret: The secret of Eve is that she needs to be needed.


Special Items: None.

Eve Stoico 2011062100001

Weapons: She is Sword of Embera. She leveled Rellinia with "fire from the heavens." She defeated Dedrick. No one can unlock her full power at this time; other than Joshua and he's too old to fight...Or so most people think.

Magic: Eve is by far one of the most powerful figures in the history of Mirabella. She has been dwelling as a spirit inside of the void barrier learning how to control divine powers. Eve’s most devastating blow comes in the form of Embera Lightening, which is blasted out in the form of a dragon’s head. Her lesser powers include forming Embera Claws, which are as sharp as knives.


General History: Eve is the main driving force of all the plots of the Sword of Embera.

In the years before the fall of Emberian Zeledin, Eve lived as a simple dress maker. Her brother, whom she called Don, was a member of an elite Paladin unit that worked for the royal family. Eve, herself had no desire to be a hero. However, when the Rellinia Empire came to the scene, they brought with them a "scholar" that wanted to make Zeledin his domain.

Destroying the ancient capital, the Embera faye were forced into a Diaspora. In response Rane went into exile looking for the Living Goddess. After being in the wilderness for three years, Rane realized that Eve had incredible strengths by accident and demanded that she work for her.

Eve flat out refused and soon found herself being constantly pressed by Rane. While on the run, Rane found Eve and destroyed her body and placed her spirit inside of the void barrier. Without a mortal body blocking all of her inner power, Eve became a source of seemingly infinite power.

With the main core ready, Mistlyn could finish her airship. She planned to use this weapon on Rellinia. This was almost prevented when Eve's brother, Eldoin halted Mistlyn inside the airship. The void barrier was on her very person. Enraged, Mistlyn attacked him with her best skills learned from Dedrick. Eldoin fought against her with much fury. He came close to overthrowing her but couldn't see himself killing the woman he loved. Broken hearted and distressed, she was about to surrender when Don was stabbed by someone they both thought of as a mentor. Eve witnessed the death of her brother but could do nothing. Her anger soon caused the barrier to glow. The light blinded Rane, causing her to drop the orb out a window and into the countryside. Eve's plans for revenge on moved on to someone else.

She was briefly found by Erin before Rane defeated her in a battle. Eve then plotted her revenge at this point. However, before the spirit could plot a means of escape, Rane use her to level Rellinia.

The Sword of Embera was then docked for several months and was the most powerful weapon of its day. All Eve could do was rest at this point. The amount of mana used to burn Rellinia to ground exhausted the new spirit. She would later be rescued by the hero named Joshua. Eve did not trust Joshua at first because he was a mixed blood. However, as time went on Joshua was able to get her respect.

When traveling back to the palace of Rane, he encountered a young woman named Lassi and soon began to court her. This made Eve jealous, though Josh felt their love was like that of a brother and sister. Joshua slowly became more aggressive in battling Dedrick. He was defeated when Eve over powered him.She then went into a comatose stat and made Joshua depressed for many months. Joshua went on to rebuild Zeledin. For 50 years Joshua remained the overall head of the Category, though he has since retired.

With the birth of the Category, she and any knowledge of the SoE was kept away from the public’s eye. That is until a renewed threat revealed itself. Led by a mad scientist named Jason, his clockwork army started to attack the weak frontiers of Chenoa, causing the Moon tribe of Faye to flee to an area called the Central Point.

In response, the Category sent into its most elite members called Unit Zero, a group of 6 highly skilled humans and Faye, to battle this new foe. Eve would remain in slumber. At first, Erin believed that trying to awaken her was a good idea. However, most of the elder members of the old Team Zero disagreed.

Learning from the stories of his grandfather, Skie took her time to learn more about Eve. Having studied some of Rane's magics, Skie was ableto force Eve to awaken. Like Joshua, Skie planned to directly approach Eve herself. She plans to make a promise to her; if Eve will help her defeat Jason and his allies, Skie would help her in any means to keep this new body since it was unstable. This helped tipped the scales of the war in balance towards the favor of the Category.

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