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Aria and Aryeh Koenig Empty Aria and Aryeh Koenig

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Character Name(s):
Aryeh and Aria Koenig

Name Meaning:
Both of their names mean "lion"
Koenig means "king"

Ary and Ari

Ary is male, Ari is female

They are twin Fire Faye

18 years

August 17th

Zodiac Sign:


Place of Birth:

Current Residence:
Wherever Skie is!

They are students to Skie

They met the requirements and graduated, and are now learning for their magic



Ary is 5' 9"
Ari is 5'7"



Distinguishing Marks:
Nothing worth noting

General Appearance:

General Clothing:
Aryeh is dressed 'pretty' as some call it. He is quite the fashionable young man, always preferring a nice dress shirt or a polo with a pair of jeans. He doesn't want to be fancy, but he wants to be well groomed. As for Aria, she's more laid back with her style of clothing. She'll just wear a simple tank top of tee with loose fitting pants, or a pair of shorts.

They have charm, wit and speed on their side. These twins are infamous for the traps they lay out and they are masters of disguise when a distraction is needed. When they aren't playing around, they can be pretty persuasive with appearance alone. One doubts that flirting can be useful until they've met these two. Additionally, they are swift. When they run, they run fast.

They aren't too pain tolerant, for one. Aria much less than Aryeh, though. When they're in pain, it becomes a massive inconvenience. They're also not too helpful when it's raining, because it disables their magic. This makes Aria near useless, and Aryeh can only hold his ground for so long with his polearm. They're also impulsive, which could be a weakness... Sometimes, there are people and things far more interesting than what's really important.


Skie Videlin, who is their mentor. The twins and Skie don't always get along, but they're good friends with each other anyhow. When it comes down to it, they'll fight at her side even if they had an argument with her that day.

They are also allied with Mel Rogero. Ary is especially fond of this man, because he thinks he's attractive and he admires his chivalry. Mel looks out for the twins, which they greatly appreciate.


Current Goal/Purpose:
To become useful, mostly. They have potential to be worthy allies in and out of the battlefield, so they want to learn how to meet those potentials.

Neither of them seem to have any aspiration whatsoever. They can't stay focused on what tasks are given to them. All they care about is romancing whoever catches their eyes.

Aria enjoys reading, sleeping, and shopping.
Aryeh enjoys traveling, painting, baking and like Ari, shopping.

Sugary food, fire, the season of summer and going to museums. Also... Aria likes teasing women, while Ary likes teasing men. They're always so frisky.

Sitting in a classroom, rain, cold, rejection

They can read really fast, and are familiar with a variety of languages and cultures, making them resourceful during travels

Winning a fight against Water Faye, focusing on anything, resisting sexual urges

Failure is their main fear. It connects to the fear of abandonment. If they can't meet expectations, they're afraid they'll be left out in the unknown to perish.

General Personality:
Aria has a pretty laid back personality. She's lazy and always calm, unless she's trying to seduce someone. Her sense of humour is always filthy, often making people uncomfortable or offended. Yet, she doesn't care. All of that aside, she is a nice young lady. She aims to be friendly with everyone she meets, as she was raised to never judge a person until she got to know them.

Aryeh, as well, is quite laid back. He is also, if you couldn't tell, feminine. He is much more polite than Aria, notably. Instead of provocative teasing, he does playful flirting and dishes out a lot of affection. Plus, his joking is somewhat cleaner. Whenever someone needs his help, he'll be there to do what he can. That is, if his desire to be lazy isn't dominating his desire to be useful. All in all, he's a big sweetheart.

Inner Personality:
Underneath that layer of what makes Aria inappropriate, rude and lazy is a girl with a warm, sensitive heart. She does her very best to be tough, but toughness can't last forever. Usually, in privacy, she will weep to herself when she's upset. That is, unless Aryeh is around for her to cry on. Only he is fully aware of the weak points she has when it comes to hurting her feelings. Aria is a childish girl that has much maturing to do.

There is nothing too different to say about Aryeh. Inside and outside, he is a happy-go-lucky young fellow with lots of smiles and love to offer. When his feelings are hurt, he gets over it surprisingly quick unless a strong relationship has gone weak or ended.

Fondest Memory:
Going fishing together as kids and young teens

Biggest Regret:
Neither of them regret a thing so far

Aryeh has a crush on Mel. He seems to only be clingy and joking, but he genuinely has feelings for the man. As for Aria, the only secret she has is she really looks up to Skie as her mentor and, to some extent, elder sister. She just won't verbally admit it.


Special Items:
Nothing worth noting

Aria does not use a weapon, but Aryeh does so he can be the one to take damage if needed. He'll wield a polearm, which he can use quite effectively.

Aria and Aryeh are Fire Faye so, their magic is of the fire element. Aryeh likes to use his magic on weapons so that when he strikes, it will come with a scorching consequence for the target(s). At the mumble of a word or two, whatever weapon he carries will light with flames. When Aria fights, she prefers to shape the fire into something and then launch it at her foes. With her creative mind, she can manipulate flames into anything she desires; an animal, a heart, a person, a whip, an arrow, etc. It's excellent backup for Aryeh when he's fighting in close range with somebody.


General History:
As kids, Aria and Aryeh were always seen together. Since they are twins, they have a precious bond that nothing can or even will break. When they're together is when they're at their strongest. In school, they could always stick up for each other and watch each other's backs. There was also assurance that one would not be alone at any time. During times of heartbreak, one was there for the other. They've vowed to always be there for each other, no matter what. That is why today, the twins are both students to Skie.

Although they are frisky young adults, they are quite intelligent. What holds them back is their laziness. Aria and Aryeh had pretty careless parents when growing up, so they never met their full potentials in school. It's going to take a lot of discipline to help them climb to those standards and realize that they are indeed gifted minds with very capable fighting abilities.

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