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Version 4: Late 2011 Empty Version 4: Late 2011

Post by Felzilla on Tue Dec 13, 2011 6:52 am

Placeholder for newer ideas that overwrite any previous versions.


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Version 4: Late 2011 Empty Eternal Forest: Alexandria Reneal

Post by Fluffy on Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:49 pm

:I I wanted to keep the revamped Alex someplace safe, so here she is. If she's out of place, feel free to move her.

Character Name:
Alexandria Reneal


Librarian, and travel companion for hire

Mid-40s, though her Elven traits keep her youthful

General Appearance:
Alexandria has a stunning appearance. There's a grayish hue to her pale skin and tribal markings on her face that she's had since birth. Her hair looks dark brown in sunlight, but otherwise appears black. The colour of her irises is a dark green; they reflect much wisdom but also grief. Nowadays, she'll allow her pointed ears to show past her hair now that everyone in town is aware of who and what she is: a half-elf. Her choice of attire is peculiar. While revealing, it has hidden meaning. Alexandria takes pride in her image, as well as her magical gifts, so she expresses this pride through a unique style of clothing.

Current Goal/Purpose:
Keep her library alive and help out the community where she's needed

General Personality:
Alexandria has a tendency to be bitter and reserved. Most of her life, she was rejected by society because she is a 'half-breed'. The lack of trusting friendships and other sacred bonds has made it difficult for her to connect with people, therefore. The only humans she's ever been close to are her mother and Endry Blade. She does not understand humour very well. If you make a joke, she's not likely to chuckle at it; if she makes a joke, you aren't likely to chuckle at it. Despite these flaws, Alex is truly a kind soul. She defends the greater good to the best of her ability and is willing to die in a battle versus evil.

General History:
Alexandria never knew her Father. She was born and raised in Highbirth, living alone with her mother. The two of them struggled to survive as people constantly tormented them for associating with Elves. Some even went as far as demanding her mother take her to an Elven tribe, where she'd belong. That was not a life Alex's mom desired for her daughter, though. In a human society, she could be more successful and literate. So she endured the torment and forever protected her Half-Elf baby from the cruel words of the villagers.

As her mother intended, Alexandria grew up to be a beautiful, intelligent woman. They studied literature, practiced house responsibilities and found a teacher to help her improve her magical skills. She was born with the natural gift of Wind and has mastered the ability very well. However, she knows that there's room for more lessons. There's a lot one can do with the power of Wind.

In between her family responsibilities, Alexandria has been sent on quests as a form of employment. Many of these quests have involved Endry Blade, who is her dearest and only friend she has anymore. They are a formidable duo with a bond Alexandria cherishes.

After her mother passed away, Alexandria has taken care of the house she grew up in. Later on, she spiffed up an abandoned structure to turn it into a library. Reading and writing are passions of hers. There are books she herself has written, as well as tomes of her spells that she's learned, and created. And while it may not interest many, she's scribed some history of her Elven people. In addition to the books she wrote, there are written works of others. Alexandria will gladly shelf the books of others so they may become successful authors themselves.

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