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Post by Chavah on Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:35 pm


Character Name: Jasumin-Shin
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Enforcer.
Age: Unknown
B-day: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Occupation: Enforcer Recruiter




Height: 180 cm

Weight: 64 kg

General Appearance: Jasumin-Shin looks more human than other Enforcers, though her skin, hair, and eyes make her stand out. About the only thing that makes her stand out is the strange halo-like device that hovers over her head. She keeps a demure aura to herself, which makes it difficult for inexperienced magical girls to assume that she is a mother-like figure out to protect them from harm. She dresses in a white military style jacket and black skirt.

Strengths: Jasumin is immune to all normal magical girls magic because of the fact that she was created to block off their access to mana.

Weaknesses: She is an extremely difficult being for ordinary magical girls to defeat. Jasumin was designed this way by the beings that created the Furuzeki Warzone. Her main weakness is True Magic, which was at its peak in the ancient world. If one could tap into those energies, then Jasumin would be at a major disadvantage.


Current Goal/Purpose: Turning Hotaru into an Enforcer, therefore defeating Miaka and thus allowing for new magical girl teams to be formed and thus the war can continue or to reach a conclusion.

Magic: The extent of her abilities is difficult to determine. She can cancel magical girl attacks altogether, if she chooses. Basic concepts include flight, Illusion Manipulation
Intangibility, Telekinesis, Teleportation. All of her combat skills are launched via her long spear like staff.

Magical Attacks:

Presence Concealment: Jasumin can invoke her powers to conceal herself to the point that is possible for her to almost disappear completely. This makes it almost impossible to spot her without the ability to see into the spirit world. This power also allows her to conceal her true nature from the sight of humans.

Mana Destruction: An attack in which Jasumin dries up the mana of the environment by absorbing into herself. This prevents all forms of magic from being used in a general area. This cuts off magical girls from accessing their powers.

Magical Absorption: Closely related to her destruction powers. She can fashion the mana from magical girls and convert it into high powered energy blasts. This could also be used to use the same powers her foes have.

Contract Breaker: Jasumin’s final ability is to break contracts that mascots make with magical girls. This power is only to be used for magical girls that break the rules of the war, though it doesn’t seem that she enforces the rules that often….

Inabilities: Boredom. Since she is supposed to be the Enforcer of the Furuzeki battleground and there’s no new teams being formed, she will have to do something about it. Therefore, she has impatience and discipline issues.

Fears: She has been reprogrammed not to feel fear. The aliens view it as a useless emotion.

General Personality: She presents herself as a proper lady and demure. Jasumin maintains a false sense of kindness in order to trick magical girls into doing what she wants.

Inner Personality: Jasumin is very fickle. She is characterized by erratic changeableness or instability, especially with regard to affections or attachments; capricious. She no longer understands human emotions and simply doesn’t understand why Miaka or Hotaru are rebelling in the first place. She is not evil per say, but it is better not to trust her.

Secret: N/A


General History: Jasumin’s past is not known. Asking her about it will just give you confused looks. She has no memories of who she used to be and the world has forgotten who she was. It is obvious that she was a magical girl at one point in time and her original color scheme was based upon the white jasmine flower. In Japan, jasmines represent gracefulness and friendliness. This suggests that she used to be a kind magical girl, but after becoming an Enforcer, she changed.

Present Life: Keeping an eye on how the war is being waged. Is willing to intervene, even if the aliens say not to.

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Furuzeki Warzone  Empty Re: Furuzeki Warzone

Post by Chavah on Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:36 pm

Oshiro Makoto: Her magical girl name was Kigiku (Yellow Chrysanthemum). This flower represents the Imperial Family of Japan. She was 17 years old when she contracted. Makoto’s father is a member of the city council of Furuzeki. After hearing her father complain night upon night about the crimes of the local mob family she made a wish with Saru. She would become a force of justice against the crime fighters. Makoto being of a wealthier family was an egotistical girl that thought her way was the best way. What she didn’t know was that by becoming a magical girl that she would be actually fighting a war against another group of magical girls.

She became convinced that the Purples were actually fighting for the mafia and declared that she would crush them once and for all by forming a team. After the first few kills under her belt, Makoto became apathetic towards the war and her teammates. It was at this point that Namani took control of the Creams. It is unknown if Makoto was banned from the Aries or was killed by the Witch. Since is considered a missing person and her disappearance is what drove the curfew to be placed on Furuzeki for anyone under the age of 21.

Makoto’s magic involved the usage of a long star shaped wand that could blast out holy spells. They were very powerful spells, making Makoto one of the strongest girls to date on magical powers alone. She could also act as the team’s healer.


Ueda Nanami: Her magical girl name is Erika (Erica). This flower represents solitude. Nanami never adopted an official uniform for her magical girl form. She that being flashy would just get in the way of her fighting. She adopted a very masculine appearance including a bob cut, black vest and pants with a white shirt, and a red ribbon around her neck.

She is currently 18 years old, making her one of the older magical girls. Nanmai was initially a quiet, stoic, and cold person. Her sister, Umi really looked up to her, though Nanami never really expressed much interest in her. They got along well enough, but Nanami was more focused on figuring out just what her purpose was. She formed a contract with Saru because she felt that she had nothing else worthwhile to do with her life. Since she was contracted by Saru, that meant that she had to become a teammate of Makoto. Nanami was indifferent to her sense of justice. She soon learned that battle was something she excelled at. In a rush of power, Nanami freely wiped out members of the Purple team. She was one of the first to realize that this was a legitimate war. After the death of Umi, she became furious both with Hotaru and the Witch. Her goal is destroy both of them and reach the next level of becoming a magical girl….

Nanami’s powers are related to illusion. Her attacks range from creating copies of people’s nightmares, falsely made weapons like swords and spears, etc. One of her personal hobbies is origami, using some of her powers she can create minions based upon the types of creatures or humanoid shapes she creates. She currently is a member of her high school’s kendo club, which means she had considerable close quarter defense ability. She is not a woman to take lightly.


Ueda Umi: Her magical girl name was Suikazura (Honeysuckle). This flower represented Umi’s generous nature. Compared to the selfish nature of the other Aries, Umi was the selfless one. She was the true heart of the team and was the only girl that saw Hotaru being someone more than just the newest member. Like Yuri, Umi was a very happy go lucky girl. She chose to be Hotaru’s friend because both of them weren’t allowed to do much in terms of fights. She was 15 years old when she was killed in battle against the Witch trying to save Hotaru’s life.

Umi became a magical girl once she accidently stumbled upon Nanami fighting against another magical girl. As this was one of Nanami’s earliest fights, she was not handling it well. Saru appeared and said that only Umi could save her sister! Without a moment’s hesitation, she agreed.

Umi’s outfit was a gothic Lolita design. She was always fond of the design. It was black shirt with white lacing. She also a had a maid’s cap on her head. Her powers are based upon the earth. She had the geokinetic ability to manipulate earth and rock in all their various forms. Her great weakness was that she never carried a weapon for self-defense.


Wakahisa Yuko: Her magical girl name is Tsutsuji (Azalea). The Tsutsuji in Japanese culture represents modesty and patience. Yuko’s personality’s outer personality is a girl that is diffident; however, this is just a mask for her. She is a master manipulator and harmful trickster. The reason she contracted with Saru was because she never wanted to be take advantage of ever again (irony). Her wish was to become famous. To the outsider, Yuko is a local idol celebrity. She has a bubbly personality and it is not uncommon for her to accidently drop her staff.

Her costume and attacks reflect her being an idol. She uses a lot of candy based schemes, for example her staff is a giant crowned lollipop on top of a candycane. Her outfit is a mix of hearts and pinks and whites. Like Makoto, her magic is mostly centered on beams. She has a few candy based spells, as well. Very rarely was she taken seriously by Makoto. However, Nanami encouraged Yuko to focus more on her beam spells than themed based ones. By the time of Makoto’s disappearance, Yuko’s spells were much higher ranked.


Tachibana Hotaru: Her magical girl name is Higanbana (Red Spider Lily). This flower represents loss of memory and to never meet someone again. She contracted with Saru to become a new person. Prior to this she was a very lonely person since both of her parents worked long hours. She was sent to live with her grandma and young aunt.. Since she was recruited by Saru, she was automatically a part of the Aries. However, since she is a rough around the edges young woman, Hotaru did not get along with Makoto nor Nanami. Umi became her friend since they both went to the same school and were often left out of the main battles. After Umi’s death and Makoto’s disappearance, she was barred from the team. She is no longer considered a magical girl on the side of the Creams or Purples.

Her first outfit was a red corset and red dress and long red boots. However this was changed several times after Umi’s death. Of the entire team, Hotaru was the most versatile in terms of attacks and skills. Because she can use kinetic energy, she can pack powerful punches and kicks. Flames allow her attack at long distances as well.

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