The original plot (needs BADLY reworked)

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The original plot (needs BADLY reworked) Empty The original plot (needs BADLY reworked)

Post by Felzilla on Tue Jan 26, 2016 11:27 pm

In the last retreat of a fallen empire, the capitol city of High-birth is the only standing city. The Empire is ruined, and running out of life. As the world lay siege of the town, the warriors within held it up. The siege has stopped, but the rest of the world knows it's only a matter of time before the city falls. One cannot rule a state without any imports. What little they do get comes at great cost, and comes in very little quantity.

In the midst of the chaos, the Empress Drizaea is deposed by her younger brother, Alain. In an effort to save her life, and the life of the crown, she and a small contingent of loyal men. The differences of the two siblings comes to more than just age, one, being younger is human, and the elder, half-elven.

The party is convinced that Alain is not at fault, and there is something bigger amiss. With an intent of sparing the false Emperor's life, they have set forth a plan set on a guess, Operation Poisoned Thorn.

Operation Poisoned Thorn

It's two missions are simple. gain land for the empire, and to find who conspires against the empress. All must be done in secret, finding patriots in the lands lost in the gruesome war five years ago, and infiltrating the homeland proper, shadowing the false emperor and finding who conspires against their liege lady Drizaea.

Operation Poisoned Thorn currently has only two members, Endry Blade, blade-master and Captain of the Guards to Drizaea's Imperial Guard and Alex, a mysterious and captivating half-elf from lands unknown. The current task at hand is to recruit members from within High-birth itself, from which empress Drizaea was ousted some months ago.

One current recruit stands as Alec Hunt, an equally mysterious man wearing goggles found within the Loyalist meeting hall in High-birth.


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