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Mission Critical CM:
Nova Corps is exclusively dedicated to the development of cybernetic facilities throughout the United States and beyond. Our expertise is focused on rapid delivery for our customers; from conceptual design straight through to a commissioned, world-class business. We create cybernetic parts for those that are injured and we do the top of the line genetic research into cures for diseases and illnesses.



The government needs state of the line cybernetics to help deal with illegal operations that have been going on recently by rebels. All cybernetics are created with the most up-to-date technology available from the labs. Parts are made with a new, light-weight and durable Kevlar. Wiring has been replaced with fiber optics.

Method of Creation: Nanites. The atom-sized robots make the fusion of metal and body more accurate and efficient. The parts are almost perfectly interlaced for fluid movement and reaction time that is just as quick as the normal human body.

Power Source: Like anything else, the cybernetic parts require an energy source to work. Advanced, high-tech lithium batteries. These batteries are rechargeable and need to be recharged only every ten years.


Civilian models of cybernetic parts are available to the public. People who have been severely injured in accidents, have debilitating diseases, or birth defects can get reconstructions. Parts available are limbs, eyes, skeletal enhancements and replacements, and microchips with specific function programs for brain damaged patients.

Method of Creation: Mostly surgical. Near as accurate as the nanite system as we can get, just a lot less costly for the average civilian!

Power Source: Limbs are simply attached to muscle tendons to work the same as a normal limb as far as small parts such as hands, feet, fingers, etc., go. Small model lithium are used for any parts that may require power.

Corporate Overview:

Nova Corp began in Seattle, three generations ago (90 years) as Contractor International. Today, Nova Corps exclusively focuses on cybernetics and gene study. Having completed in excess of 6 million sales of cybernetic parts to the household and government, Nova Corps has evolved into this new century. Nova Corp has been intimately involved with the development of the standards that establish cybernetic parts as we know them today. This has been achieved by Nova staff acting as peer review with major industry design firms and renowned corporate clientele.

Nova Corps has completed countless facilities of varying sizes, exceeding millions of square feet of cybernetic creation environments. Our knowledge of the local market and excellent relative working relationships, confirms a successful project delivery.

Equipment delivery dates are a critical component in the success of any project. Nova Corp is proud to relay the beneficial terms and delivery dates which we hold. Nova Corps’ mission is to be The source for on-time and on-budget; Conceptual Design, and Construction Management of Cybernetic Creations and Genetic Alternation Research.

We accomplish this by merging 90 years of experience in Cybernetic Design and Construction Management expertise. Having projects managed to fit millions of square feet dedicated for research and creation, Nova Corps continually demonstrates its ability to deliver state-of-the-art cybernetic parts to our customers at a considerable benefit to cost and time savings


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