Intro: What is the Singularity Complex?

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Intro: What is the Singularity Complex?  Empty Intro: What is the Singularity Complex?

Post by Chavah on Sun Oct 21, 2012 1:13 am

The Singularity Complex is a remake of an older Cyberpunk story that we have worked on this forum. However, think of it being set in the "Ultimate Marvel" universe. What does this mean? It involves many of the same characters but they are not the same as in the previous versions.

In this version of the story, it is set about hundred years in the future. In this brave new world, the US is still one of the major super powers but the Chinese Republic is the main rival on the world stage. While the two nations have never declared war; there are uneasy relationships through the world of organized crime and international businesses. The Chinese government wants to crack down on the influence of criminals in the world; and therefore the Chinese underground has moved from Hong Kong to the East Coast of the US. Our story takes place in Settle, which is now the major hub of activity on the West Coast after Los Angeles was destroyed in a great fire. The heart of the conflict is between the Chinese Triad and the US government backed Nova Corps....

What exactly is a Singularity Complex?

In general, a singularity is a point at which an equation, surface, etc., blows up or becomes degenerate. Singularities are extremely important in complex analysis, where they characterize the possible behaviors of other functions.

The desire to make connections is both a weakness and a strength of human intelligence. Unregulated, we can start to set up full philosophical systems of cause and effect that are based on coincidental occurrences; but reined in, our sometimes bold propensity for open-eyed dreaming can also lead to unexpected insights and breakthroughs toward new technologies.

It takes time and continued experimentation to separate superstition from science, and even then residual bits of either side of the duality may persist yin-yang like: enough science to lend a religion the plausibility to catch fire in the popular imagination, or enough superstition to propel theories down varied and unexpected paths.

Plot will focus on a possible set of events that may led to the creation of something that is beyond human.

How would people deal with this singularity?

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