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Post by Lord Vayder on Mon May 07, 2012 10:50 pm

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"Belief in Magic has caused too much "magic" in this world to be used wantonly. Trust in your own strength and abilities and not in tricks and flashes of light."

Name: Joel Gailson
Geneder: Male
Role: Adoptive father to Naomi Gailson and Rose, Friend to Medus.

History Little in known about him from before the war with Rane. It is known that he did practice magic but its also likely he had a working knowledge of technology and it was during the war that he saw the worst sides of both.

He spent a lot of the second half of the war in the military hospital after losing a large part of his face in a particularly fierce battle. He has worn a concealing mask ever since only taking it off to wash and tilting it upwards to eat. He prefers to do both of these alone and so only very few knows what it looks like beneath the mask though; its a running joke that he was never much of a looker to begin with.

It was only after the war had ended that he took to traveling to reflect upon his experiences. It was in these travels that he found Naomi and having no natural children of his own took her in as a daughter. It wasn't easy living with the young Naomi at first or even convincing her to let him adopt her but a trust was built up between them.

It was after this that he met with and joined Medus, their personalities balancing each other's and a partnership rapidly formed. Though with Naomi also join the team and took the role of Medus' second. Joel has been more tham happy to take a step back confident that Naomi can provide the support Medus needs, and that his word will always be listened to and valued by both. He later adopted Rose, whose skill with technology Joel hopes to make sure is used in the right way.

Personality: Joel is a man who has seen the worst of both magic and technology as well as the two combined. The experience has left its scars on his body and mind, and in the magic vs. technology debate he sides with technology, not because its stronger or less 'evil' than magic in that anyone can use it but because it can be controlled more easily.

He sees himself as a father figure and mentor even to Medus due to the large and varied experience hes built up over his life and is not blind to what may or may not be happening between Naomi and Medus.

He seldom speaks about his experiences in the war even though they shaped his philosophy that magic should be used sparingly if at all, and would cause too much damage to the world if used recklessly. Technology on the other hand was easier to control and is less likely to have side-effects.
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