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Post by Chavah on Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:38 am

The Yellow Brothers are syndicate, a self-organized group of individuals that promote a common interest; in this case they engage in pirate activity. They are a fleet of 100+ airship captains that promote, and engage in, organized crime.

The group’s name has little actual meaning. The fact that most of their crews wear red seems to suggest that the name was chosen purely for irony.

It is led by Medus Tenpenny. Medus is good with accounting and controlling revenues. This is how he became the overall leader of the Syndicate powers. He worked his way through the system and out moved his rivals. Medus is a skill tactician as well, making his a very dangerous foe when it comes to dealing with battles.

Here is Medus’ flagship:

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The Calypso's Fall is the fastest airship in the Category’s entire zone of influence.

It is a destroyer-class naval ship that features a solid, smooth, boat-like hull. Its prow is dominated by a large ramming horn. Resting beneath this is the secondary hull, which contains the lift Embera Unit. Extending behind the primary hull is a single thrust vector Embera Unit, looking exactly like an enormous version of Rose's speed ship main engine.

Unlike most of the Category’s engines on their airships, the Embera Units onboard the Calypso-class are powered by exclusively by Embera thrust and not a combination of steam and Embera. This can be seen with the large Embera “ball” towards the front of the ship.

The destroyer's primary weapons consist of two anti-ship torpedo launches. The short-range weaponry is two trios of small turrets machine guns.

Length: 321ft' Height: 150' Maximum Speed: 151.1kt (171 mph) Maximum Armor: 356mm (on broadsides).

Her Bridge Officers:

The Yellow Brothers  Meduscape

Captain Medus Tenpenny. He is intellectually enquiring, methodical and logical, studious and teachable. Medus does not want to be remembered as the son of Lex Aldor. He does not like his father because of his past. He is often defensive about his overall personality and is only open when he chooses to be. Medus has a love for the fine arts and is known to be a member of the University crowds in Chenoa City.

Medus spent some time living with a close family friend named Joel and his adopted daughter, Naomi. This trio became close as family and have been associated ever since. He’s gained a vast pirating community through rather obscure means and mostly because of the fact that he’s good at striking fear into the hearts of even the bravest sailors…

The Yellow Brothers  Ee0566d0c9b55202518c129258a303f8

Lt. Naomi Gailson. Naomi is a fairly serious, kind, and hardworking individual, who possesses a strong sense of justice. She can be short-tempered, yet still calculating. While she presents herself as a strong-willed and mature woman, in truth she is actually rather lonely. She is generally a charming, witty, realistic, down-to-earth, honest, dedicated, helpful, gentle, organized, systematic, and perfectionist type of person. Naomi has a habit of trying to influence Medus’ life. She does not directly try to control, but she believes that by following her advice, that he’ll do better.

Naomi, like Medus, does not talk about her childhood that often. Her weak mother died soon after giving birth to her. She was adopted by Joel, after he spent some time in the Kingdom of the Springs. When Medus Tenpenny started to form his empire both her and Joel saw great potential in him and supported his cause. She has been at his side ever since. These two have so much in common; their viewpoint on the world is so similar, that they may be each other's only friend. When Medus and Naomi get together they have an affinity for each other that is incomprehensible to other people. There is something very pure there. Joel wants to woo his daughter to Medus because of these facts.

The Yellow Brothers  09ff6df4f5bceaa52cf1c18e339590e4

Chief Mechanic/Supermind Rosalyn “Rose” Glenhill. Some characters have pervasive or extremely noticeable personality quirks, but somehow remain faithfully employed because they are just that good at what they do. This is the role of Rose in the Sword of Embera. She has many quirks and is highly eccentric. Rose has been known to argue with people on the other side of the phone, when in fact, it is just her disagreeing with herself about certain projects. She is a teenage weapons designer, airship pilot, engine designer, and pirate.

Rose trained in the study of Craft. This magical style focuses on visualizing items in her mind, allowing her the ability to craft them from pure thought. This does not mean that she can access a weapon by summoning it into her hands. She must take her time to create a specific item, such as a sword. She spent most of her time training with her father’s machines.

Rose advocates about the importance of replacing steam power with Embera. She supports greater usage of the element across the board since it is more practical to use beyond just a magical weapon like what Rane did.

The Yellow Brothers  4079035_m

First Mate Joel Gailson. Joel was a soldier during the time of Rane. It was during this era that his face was disfigured. He wears a mask to cover his injuries. While magic could heal his face, he feels that magic has caused too much damage to the world around him and will learn to live with disfigurement. He has decided to focus on proper training with weapons since this is the wave of the future. He is Medus’ right hand man and friend.

The Yellow Brothers  B613ef8c1858e36329d471ec59af45b5

Joel is Naomi’s father and they remain close. However, since she is a higher rank, he has decided to work in the engine room and has taken in Rose as a second daughter since she is still underage. Since few people can control or tolerate Rose’s quirks, he has been chosen to be her second while battles occur.

The Yellow Brothers  4239709_m

Weapons Officer Morgan Gagnon. He has a playful attitude and takes a very carefree approach to life. He enjoys fishing, hunting (although not seen doing it) and hitting on cute girls, but is quick to work himself into a frenzy during a heated battle. Morgan believes that he should be one of the most respected figures on the airship. For whatever reason, Morgan seems to walk through life with a permanent "Kick Me" sign attached to his backs, invisible to him, but all too visible to the rest of the world.

He is one of the few people foolish enough to try and argue with Rose on weapon designs. Morgan has yet to catch on to the fact that he is never right on discussions such as these. Further more; he doesn’t seem to realize that this means Medus has “showed” him his place on running the ship.

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