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Post by Chavah on Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:18 pm

Team Zero was a group of commandos raised by Lord De Marisco made up of his best students. They served his will and his will only; unlike Unit Zero, which is used to benefit all the nations within the Category. Team Zero was made up of Joshua Youngsblood, Erin Tenpenny, Elrik Veyado, Lex Aldor, Dion, and Flora Cypress. In general, the team is well regarded to people in the Category; however, it should be noted that Elrik Veyado likes to milk up his image of being a hero that fought Rane. Flora and Lex don't really gloat about their time aboard it.

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Elrik Veyado is a Wind Faye, though his elemental is in fact Earth. He is Lord De Marisco's most loyal student and therefore was given the position of head of Team Zero. Elrik devotes his entire life to destroying the evils that corrupt the world, and wants to erase those he believes should not exist. He is a serious, no-nonsense sort who maintains a calm and collected presence, rarely letting things get to his head. However, he is also quite prideful and even arrogant sometimes, to the point of occasionally getting him into issues. He prefers to do things on his own, and hates to rely on others' assistance with anything. Despite being a powerful warrior, he is not without mercy. He secretly disagreed with Lord De Marisco's decision not to defeat Rane after the SoE was dismantled. However, his hands were tied and he was forced to sit on the sidelines until he realized that Lord De Marisco was more focused on finding the Divine Will instead of dealing with the current issues of the world. After the Paladin Rebellion, he left De Marisco's team and joined the Category.

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Lex Aldor. Lex's personality is emphasized by his generally lazy expression, aloof manner, relaxed voice, and minimalist attitude.He is rather modest about his own powers and doesn't generally attempt to use them on a wide scale, unless to defend himself or someone else. If he feels that his someone insults him, he will become a smart ass to them. His magic is mostly centered on transmutation or transformation of items. He is the brains of the team, so he sees little action on the fields of battle. He found Joshua to be a country farm-boy and little else at first. That was until that he found out that Josh was skilled with machines.

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Flora Cypress is a light faye. Unlike most members of her tribe, she has solid combative skills with swords. Though in this day and age, swords are slowly going by the wayside of rifles and guns. She, alongside Lex, can be seen as the stooges of Team Zero. Their attitudes annoy their mentor, but when they get to work, they excel at what they do. Flora is a known flirt and hits on Joshua and Erin; much to the latter’s annoyance. Her main magic is Light Magic missile, which can cause harmful burns to anyone it, touches. She focused much of her training on hopefully taking over as a High Priestess of the Sun, the opposite of Erin. However, this role was reserved for the currently missing Priestess named Alax. She, like the others, grew tired of De Marisco’s decisions not to intervene against Rane and left the Team to join the Category.

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