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Lord Dedrick “Durrk” De Marisco  Empty Lord Dedrick “Durrk” De Marisco

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Character Name:Lord Dedrick “Durrk” De Marisco
Gender: Male
Species/Race: ????
Birthplace/World: ???
Occupation/School/Grade: Scholar of the Highest Order of the Isgauls. He would count as a Master in their Hierarchy. Team Zero Founders. Mentor of Rane and Erin.


General Appearance: Salt and Pepper Hair, tan skin, blue eyes. Dedrick has a semi-noticeable scare that extends from his right eye down to his eye. Clothing wise, Dedrick always dresses in a uniform of his own design that is black with a cape that covers his body most of the time. The cape has many pockets hidden in it to sort various potions and other items he uses for combat or healing. Dedrick wears a frock coat and tall dark boots as well. He is always stern, rarely seen smiling or showing off expressions.

Strengths: Strong and muscular, he is very active for a man his age. He doesn't seem to age very much and has a strong immune system due to cell regeneration that occurs every time that he changes form.

Weaknesses: Dedrick can exhaust himself fairly easily if he doesn't get enough to eat. Since much of his magic is based up using “Soul Arts” vs. elementals, it requires a lot of energy. While a master of this art, he still burns off a lot of glucose and other vital life forces of the body if he should use this magic a lot.


Current Goal/Purpose: Mentor and teacher for royalties throughout Mirabella. He charges a lot of money for these sorts of classes. His two greatest known students were Rane and Erin.  

Talents: Card games, shapeshifting into other beings, one of the few members sages that knows how to use Embera almost 100%.  

Inabilities: Liking his students after they show that they lack potential. He easily dismissed Joshua as a useless farm boy at first. It was Erin that convinced him to give the kid a chance to join Team Zero.  

Fears: That the 'Sage' will destroy the fabric of reality.

General Personality: Dedrick is an arrogant and manipulative man who strives, as all powerful magi do, to reach Divine Will, or the root of all knowledge. He appears to be oblivious to the problems and pain caused to others due to his decisions. Dedrick saw high potential in Mistlyn and held her in high regards but did nothing to encourage her after her father’s death. Dedrick's personality is further emphasized by his generally stern expressions. Few things impress him. If he feels that his students fail him, he will become a smart ass to them.
Inner Personality: Much the same as his general personality. It is his way and only his way.

Secret: He is not a fan of the Zeledin faye; he does not believe that the Embera faye are truly special as their tribe name seems to imply. Dedrick’s goal in life is to surpass an otherworldly being called the Sage. He resents the fact that a young woman was able to surpass his years of studying Divine Will. Few other beings on Mirabella are aware of her presence; therefore, she may just be a figment of his imagination….


General History: Dedrick is a member of the High Isgauls. He has certain several objects known as the Pursuits which supposedly could tap into the powers of the Embera goddess. His current goal is find this said goddess and with her influence reach Divine Will. The Isgauls want to follow the divine will, or use it in some way, maybe in some way to break it's hold on the world in the name of free will.

Dedrick was famous for training many of the royalties on Mirabella for a high price. Mistlyn interested him a lot, same with Erin. Both of them had high levels of magical potential in their bloodlines. Though, he knew deep down that only one of them were going to succeed to his goals. He had personal distaste towards Rane since she proved too emotional. He had qualms about Erin as well, since she seemed to display too much of an angelic presence.

Since his main goal was always to find the Divine Will, he created a team known as Team Zero. It was made up of the students that proved their worth to him. His personal favorite student was Elrik Veyado.

When Rane began to started to sway from his path, he set out to disown her. However, she kept true to his belief in the Embera goddess and created one herself, named Eve. He first attempted to work along side Adonai, but he found that Rane's lover was dull and wouldn't give him the satisfaction of further humiliating his former student. He jabbed Adonai's own blade into Adonai's back. He left Rane to rot in her own self pity by saying that she was responsible for his death. Dedrick would later inform the Paladins that she had killed Adonai.

He then ordered Erin to go out and find the Orb Barrier that Eve was stored in.

Erin was defeated by Rane; so, he had to intervene. Dedrick was able to hold Rane off but just barely. He had to change his plans. Dedrick and Erin retreated to Elroot, where he took up lodging with an old friend named Feltok. This is when he first met Joshua. However he was largely unimpressed with the boy. That is until he learned that Joshua was close with Dion the Hunter. Dion had displayed understanding Divine Will.

After Feltok’s death, Erin demanded that Joshua and Dion join them to Chenoa to join Team Zero. Dedrick was appalled but he knew that she was not going to let the matter drop. Taking them to Chenoa, he introduced them to the team. Like he expected, they were cool towards Joshua.

When the raid to capture the Sword of Embera occurred, it was Joshua that proved to be the one that understood Eve the best. Dedrick was annoyed that Dion, Joshua, and Erin all called her the Embera Goddess. In attempt to destroy the Barrier Orb, Eve was able to fling Dedrick around like he was mere novice. This further enraged him.

After the airship was dismantled, he called any attacks on Rane off. He said that after loosing her prized possession, that she would be little more than a nuisance, like a common fly. Erin, Joshua, and Dion were the only ones to vote to continue their fight against Rane. Therefore, for the rest of the conflict with Rane he remained on the sidelines.

Present Life: Inactive. The High Isguals have not been seen in years…..

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