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Character Name: Erin “Tenpenny” Aldor
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Water Faye
Age: Early 20s in Generation One, 70s in Generation Two. Since she’s a full-blooded faye, she doesn’t age quickly.
Birthplace/World: Most likely in Chenoa
Occupation/School/Grade: Student of Lord Dedrick “Durrk” De Marisco, Team Zero “Water”, Unit Zero’s advisor, High Priestess of the Temple of the Moon.


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General Appearance: Erin wears clothing that make her look dignified. She is considered angelic looking. Her hair is kept in a pony tail, which is a common theme amongst residents of Chenoa. Much like Eve or Rane, her clothing choices reflect an earlier time in Mirabella’s history; even older than they are in the present.

Strengths: Erin was trained by Lord Dedrick “Durrk” De Marisco. Her magic is highly spiritual based; almost on par with Rane. Since she has never reached the level of the dinvine, like Eve has, she does not focus on using Embera magic; though she could probably handle spells fine.

a) Liquidization
This spell causes the body to begin to flow and shift with the makeup of a lake or ocean. The being at first retrains the form of its original shape, but can bend and shift to any liquid form, and is immune to most physical attacks.

b) Freeze
This spell takes Liquidization one step further, by focusing and stressing upon the ice properties of the Water Element, and hence freezes the target into a solid, yet brittle form.

c) Ice Touch
By increasing the ice property of Water at any location she sets her hand upon, Erin can deal a mild chill to a lethal heart-stopping blast of frost to the target.

This spell causes a person's mind to become serene and calm, and thus makes the target feel as if they are safe and at ease, even when in the middle of a rage.

e) Lunatic Fervor: This spell creates a raging storm of chaotic emotions and thoughts to spiral like a whirlpool in the target's mind, bringing all but the most serious of mind to madness and insanity.

f) Negative Image
Similar to the way that rain water causes multitudes of colors to appear, this spell causes the mind to think that it is seeing the entire area around them to sparkle and dazzle with random colors, confusing and bewildering the target.

g) Skin of Painlessness
This spell dilutes the mind's ability to detect physical pain, similar to the way water generally can dilute harmful substances (like alcohol), causing the target to be able to withstand unbearable torture with a smile. Only pain is reduced, and so damage and death still apply.

Wave serves to move large, and even massive amounts of water to run over enemies, fields, and whatever else needs a decent washing.

i) Bath of Cleansing
This spell is used to wash poisons and viruses from a victim’s body. While it does remove the source of the damage, this spell does not heal or reverse the effects caused already by the poison.

Weaknesses: Erin has limited strength based offensive skills outside of ice blasts. She also has a strong no-kill policy that Joshua always follows due to her religion background. She is often unable to help her friends out since her job as a priestess takes up much of her time.


Current Goal/Purpose: Doing what she normally does in life, helping others out at the Temple. In earlier times, she was a central figure in the formation of the Category.

Talents: She’s good at art, acting, cooking (especially seafood) or anything watersports wise.

Inabilities: Escapist and idealistic, secretive and vague

Fears: She fears that her son no longer loves her.

General Personality: Erin possess a gentle, patient, malleable nature. She has many generous qualities and is friendly, good natured, kind and compassionate, sensitive to the feelings of those around her, and responds with the utmost sympathy and tact to any suffering she encounters. Erin’s nature tends to be too otherworldly for the practical purposes of living in this world as it is. She sometimes exists emotionally rather than rationally, instinctively more than intellectually. Erin longs to be recognized as greatly creative. Any rebellion she makes against convention is personal; however, as she often times do not have the energy or motivation to battle against the Establishment. Erin also is very “tight laced.”

Inner Personality: Erin has an intuitive and psychic ability more then any other character in the series. She trusts her gut feelings and if she does not, she quickly learns to because she realizes that her hunches are usually correct.

Secret: She finds Light Faye very annoying.


General History: Erin started off as a student o fLord Dedrick “Durrk” De Marisco There she learned to use spiritual energies alongside her water elemental powers. When Rane began to turn evil, Erin went to stop her from finding the void barrier that contained Eve’s soul. She lost the battle and was saved by Dedrick. From there, they moved to Elroot to rest up for several months. Erin first met Joshua here. After the death of his father, he joined her and Dedrick in Team Zero. She played a major role alongside Joshua in defeating Rane and was one of the founding members of the Category. Sometime after the Paladin Rebellion, she married Lex Aldor and gave birth to Medus.

Present Life:Erin is very busy in Chenoa as the High Priestess of the Moon, a title she received for her dedication to the Goddess of the Moon during the war years. She has little time to help Unit Zero, the successor to Team Zero. However, she has chosen Mel Rogero to take her place as the Seat of Water. Medus has respect for his mother for what she did but thinks that she thinks of others over herself too much.

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