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Sword of Embera: Faye Tribes  Empty Sword of Embera: Faye Tribes

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Faye Tribes

The Faye:

There are seven tribes of the Faye that live within the world of Mirabella. There really isn't much that keeps humans and faye apart, save for hair color and elemental powers. Each of the tribes has their own strengthens and weaknesses.

Twilight: Their spells are generally illusion based or have something to deal with the moon. They tend to have black, purple, or other dark tones. This tribe is only found on the island of Chenoa. Their leader is the soon to be queen, Voirrey, and they all have a deep respect for her choices. Of all the tribes, they are the most loyal to the Category because of its involvement in saving Chenoa from The Sun Empire’s first invasion.

Water: The largest of all the tribes, they can be found on almost all of the major island ports because of the fact that since the ocean is a big way of life, they are freer to travel than many of the other tribes. Their magic is centered on water spells. They are generally seen with forms of blue or greens for their hair color. Eyes are almost solely blue in color and are said to woo sailors with great easy…

Wind: These beings have the power to control the winds and thunder. They live in the nation of Zeldin, which means that they tend to work with the Category, almost to the same level as the Twilight nation. Often considered to be the smartest of all the faye, they hold great knowledge topics that humans don’t always understand. They generally have brown hair and earth toned eyes.

Light: They are generally considered the Keepers of the Fire on their home island of Aneos. Of all the nymphs, they are considered to be the most friendly and open of all the faye. Their magic is centered on the importance of the sun and the fire that fuels the universe. They have also split into the Flame tribe, which is closely related but uses fire over light.

Forest: The tree dwellers, they are specialized in herbs and plant spells. Much like the water nymphs, they are fairly common to interact with. They tend to have green toned hair and yellow, almost cat like eyes. It is said that the Forest faye are the ones that humans are most likely going to marry of all the peoples due to the close nature of the two beings. They dislike Lights because of the fire that they tend to carry around with them.

Earth: These are the heavy weights of the Faye world. They can move heavy objects with ease. Their exact range is unknown since they are the most hidden of all the Faye clans. It is assumed that their largest colony is located in the nation of Azar, which is located to the far south of the Category’s zone of influence. They have no real set hair tones like the other nations.

Embera: This tribe is the ancestor of all the current faye. Originally centered in Zeledin for thousands of years they were the Rome of Mirabella. Just like Rome, their empire did not last when man came along and brought with him, his own gods. A dark god declared war and destroyed much of this ancient tribe. In order to defeat him, the Queen of the tribe killed the purest faye in her kingdom and transferred her soul into the Sword of Embera. In more modern times, decedents of the tribe are scattered throughout the world.

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