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Post by Chavah on Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:40 pm

Sword of Embera: Altered Egos

The story of Joshua and Eve is well known by all that have studied the history of the bygone days of political unrest in the Fallen Years. If not, then the best way to sum up their lives…Well, my friends that would take many many hours and I’d rather not keep you waiting.

It was their final battle against Rane. The Silver Witch had slain Eve’s only living Kin, her dear brother Eldon. For five years, Eve’s spirit had remained dormant in the Sword of Embera until it fell into the hands of a then young farm boy named Joshua Youngsblood. He was fearful of welding such power until he met the High Priestess of Chenoa named Erin Tenpenny. She encouraged the young lad, to awaken Chavvah from her slumber….

After months of hardship, they finally went head to head against Rane. In order to defeat the Silver Witch, Eve had to give up her physical form once and for awhile. By doing so, Rane’s spirit was scattered throughout the world of Mirabella in the forms of auras. Joshua was then informed that he had to allow Eve to rest for 200 years. He decided that it was the best course of action and thus she would remain dormant.

But what if things had gone differently? How would have the course of Mirabella’s history have changed if Chavvah had not gone back into dormancy…

The story of Altered Egos takes place in an alternative timeline of Mirabella’s history, in which Joshua is now an old man and a famous hero. Unlike the normal course, Eve did not rest and the two had more adventures together, forming a more intimate relationship than what had occurred in Generation One stories.

Altered Egos  Bradec1

Joshua in this timeline discovered the secret to keeping Eve in a physical body decades before when it occurred in Generation Two plots. With this occurrence, Eve’s magical abilities are much more refined and stronger. She also felt that she had someone worth fighting alongside for life, making her a much happier figure. Though her lover is old, Eve has aged progressively slower than other faye since she had been a spirit for so long. However, this does not dampen her spirits.

Altered Egos  Db888630788e478765694bcdc1256791

The other difference in this storyline, is that with Chavvah being alive, Joshua is voted in as the First King of the Category; unlike in the standard timeline in which he decided to stay behind the scenes with politics.

Who would the villains be? Well, since the Sun Empire would have a face a much stronger state in the Grand Alliance to deal with, they would not dare to battle the small nation of Chenoa. Therefore, Voirrey is a small figure in the world of politics and Erin remains the unquestioned spiritual advisor about the Goddess of the Moon.

This time around, the Pirates from Azar would be the bigger danger. Medus would have remained closer to his family; therefore keeping the role of Pirate King open to a more aggressive leader, Malden. Unlike the A Morning Star version of Malden, he is much more active in his campaigns in Azar and is the Pirate's King. Waging constant raids on all the nations of the Grand Alliance, Joshua must act when a member of the political Rogero family is kidnapped. This young lass would be none other than Melissa.

Altered Egos  Vincent16_mov

Malden is also armed with one of the swords that Rane had created. The spirit inside of it, is named Eru. Rane noticed the strange magiks of Eru and mistook her for a goddess. In response, the young woman was killed and her soul was placed within a blade, just like Eve was.

This blade never saw action against the Runeblade…Until now.

Altered Egos  Haruko

Malden has a curse and he is in want of revenge; he can never die and he wants to.... Malden’s immortality came just a few years following the defeat of Rane. He discovered immortality by laying with a light faye that gave him her heart forever. She made a bet with him, that he would stay loyal to her. However, in one of his travels out east, he cheated on her with a human woman. Upon finding out, the light faye’s heart was broken and she began to fade away into the Embera Void because she gave up on life. He was punished by the High Priestesses of the Sun Temple by placing that same faye’s scared fire into his heart. Their logic was clear, Malden would remain a live until the cracking of the world and never be reunited with his love in the afterlife.

Distraught, he came across the Sword of Sunfire by accident. After Rane’s defeat, the sword had become lost since no one knew it existed. Needing a contract just like Eve did with Joshua to have a physical form, Eru promised Malden if he helped free her, she’d help free him.

Having no luck on mainland Zeledin in the post war years, Malden moved to Azaria which remained a backwards nation compared to the Category nations. There he became a pirate lord. He now believes it is about time that he frees Eru from her bound to the sword…And if it comes down to an armed conflict to get answers, then he’s willing to use his pirates to do so…The Eru of this world is also more jealous of Eve's long time freedom from the blade....

The Sunblade will face off against the Runeblade....

Little does Malden know, that his former love has come back and she wants revenge....

Altered Egos  Alax

How else will this story differ from the normal time? Let’s find out in the days to come, my friends….


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