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Tale of the Queen  Empty Tale of the Queen

Post by Chavah on Sun Jan 29, 2012 4:47 pm

So, you wish to hear yet another story about those whom have wings, do you now?

Well… I can tell you another, there is plenty of time. That is my duty as a Storyteller.

Let’s see now. Oh, I know of a tale. It involves knight who loved his queen and a war that drove them apart…

Many years ago, there was once a queen of a unified Mahoreopmec kingdom. Everything seemed bright and happy but as is the case in all tales of love, a tragedy befalls the couple.

A band of rouges led by an eccentric man declared his allies no longer wished to be members of the unified nation. They then resorted to under handed tactics and tried to assassinate the queen. The warriors of the nation banded together to fight this new foe that would one day be known as the Sorrowkeepers.

“I will fight, so you don’t have too.” A young knight told his queen, “It is my sworn duty to protect you at all costs. The people shall not blame you for a war of aggression started by someone else.”

He then patted his love on her head. This warrior had known her ever since they were children. He had hoped that one day she would be his own. Though love has a strange way of dealing with people.

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The war was hard fought for the Queen’s Knight. He fought against a foe that acted no longer as angels but as vampires feeding off of the raw emotion of hatred. The fallen angels were now more like a single hive mind. The campaign continued on for several more years….

Now let us skip ahead a months, to when the queen made a choice that would forever change the course of history…

"Damn it all! Where is she!?" Her Knight demanded.

"Calm down! You're going in circles!" His blade responded

"Shut up! Why did she do this?! It doesn't make sense! She had no reason! Everything was fine! Nothing matches up!"

Finally, the knight curved a corner and found who he was looking for. There was no mistaking that hair. He ran ahead of her and barred the path of the queen. 

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"What the hell is going on here? Why did you step down!? Everything was fine! There's no reason for you do… To do this! Why are you doing this, and don't try telling me that you're tired of the throne! I know you, and I know that is a complete and utter lie!!!"

She gave her knight a forced smile, even as a queen, she still dressed in a modest dress and wore a shawl to cover her wings. 

"It is quite simple. You know, what has happened over the years..." 

She continued with her normal distant stare from the world. She had been queen for only a short time and then various powers wanted her to side with them. This was something that she would not do. To be queen, she had to listen to the people, not the war tribes.

The fair woman knew better than to give her knight, idle chit chat.

"All thoughts my thoughts are anxiously directed to an impending civil war. These are trying occasions, not only in success, but for the want of success. I failed to keep my people safe. I promised them that the continued strife would end. It hasn’t. I have failed them."

She then cut loose her pony tail, a sign of the royalty. Her hair was now free flowing, and then she placed a white bowler on her head. 

"Where I am going, I do not need guardians; so if you get chosen to watch me, please don’t fall for the allure of trying to see me. If we should ever meet again; remember, we are equals in the eyes of God."

With that, she gave her a kiss and started to walk away to her new destiny. The knight stood there for a moment trying to process everything. It made sense...he didn't want it to, but it did. Finally his fist clenched and yelled as he punched the wall behind him, cracking the stones.

"...Damn it...damn the code...damn the war...damn it all! I don't care!"

"Calm down!" His blade spoke.

"I'm going after her." He responded to the soul weapon.

"What!? Don't be a fool! You're still needed here! They need you to help with the aftermath of all of this..."

"I told you, I don't care! I just...I want her to stay..."

"Because you know its your duty to stay here...and that you can't go with her. You're a Brigader General. You can't leave here."

"...But...But I......"

"I'm so sorry..."

The memory fades into a new one….

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The young queen found herself standing on a railroad platform. She had been asked to give her peoples a few parting words, and she gave them a speech that had come from the deepest chambers of her warm soul.

“There are no falters in my choice to resign. Every effect must have its cause, and I feel that it is important that a new leader rise to the occasion. I look at it in this sense; the past is the cause of the present, and the same goes for the present dancing with the future. All these are links in the endless chain stretching from the finite to the infinite. However, what does the past mean to those that can no longer or choose not to remember it? It leads to them asking questions that keep going on in circles forever. A torment in their minds. They fail to see that in the end, the answers they seek are right in front of their very noses but I have chosen to break free. I have given you all a second chance through forgiveness. It is far better to do what your mind tells you to do, than regret not doing it. I bid you, my people, a sweet good bye.”

With that, the stunned room gave a somber applause their beloved queen as the train began to drive away. The angels say it is was the coldest rain they ever felt, the day she left for her own self imposed exile.

They say the angels are still looking to find her. As you should know, those that don’t wish to be found know of the best places to hide now don’t they?

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