Emerald Machine: The Two Worlds

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Emerald Machine: The Two Worlds Empty Emerald Machine: The Two Worlds

Post by Chavah on Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:29 pm

Emerald Machine: The Two Worlds

When two beings of two worlds meet, their offspring shall usher in the machine of Emerald. A weapon in which the world will tremble."

Emerald Machine: The Two Worlds MONS

I remember as if it were yesterday. I was a young foolish soldier in the British Expeditionary Force. On August 22-23 1914, we experienced our first major engagement of the war… The Germans heavily outnumbered us… Yet, out of the blue was a light of sorts and gave us the will to push them back. In the end, they say that it was angel that saved us….

Twenty years have passed since that time, and the world is a different place because of it. I moved to Paris, France to work on the flying machines that now fly across the skies. With the United States signing the Treaty of Versailles, nations now wanted peace. The skies were the only place to find it. We had hoped this would have united all. Yet in the end, I guess the impending Depression just struck against us.

Now, everyone in Paris is worried about their neighbors in Spain which is under going a major civil war. The government of France is becoming more paranoid of change and will stop at nothing to control the freedoms that they said they would uphold with the Popular Front against the Fascists. There are those who want to fight back as pirates or bounty hunters as the means to freedom.

As for myself… All I want is for the skies, the last place where freedom still stands to remain that way.

There are rumors of more of these angels and some Emerald Ship… Who ever can control the ship, will control the skies.….

Now remember my brothers, Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité

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