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The Daiki-Verse

The Daiki-verse is the unofficial name for several plot lines that have interrelated canons. As with Sword of Embera, the character base in the Daiki-verse are extremely comprehensive and expansive, with characters possessing varied and extraordinary abilities.

The Daiki-Verse  Irenechan

Great Demon Daiki chronicles the story and life of a "teenage" boy named Daiki Takahashi . He works for a Mage Group known simply as the Organization as a Hunter. In the world, demons are still very dangerous beings though humans generally aren't aware of their supernatural presence. Lately it seems that there has been an increase of demon attacks on humans throughout the world. Daiki along with his close friend Irene are sent out to study why these attacks are occurring.

The plot begins when Daiki rescues a young woman named Manami. He believes that she has special powers since she was able to survive an attack by demons and still somehow remain safe in the modern era. He has been assigned to watch her movements by the Organization, so he enters her school under the disugise of a male student. Irene also goes undercover as his best friend. Together they will soon learn that these demon attacks are connected to a Nephilim that wishes to reveal to the world, just who in Greek mythology Irene is and use her to conquer the world.

The Daiki-Verse  Flowers

The Dwindling Flowers chronicles the lives of several young women that work for the Organization. Unlike Daiki, they are not of the honorary level of Hunter. They are magical soldiers called the Flowers to trained to fight evil born from curses of mankind. These girls no longer exist to the world. Their memories are wiped clean and theirs family never knew they ever existed. These girls live solely to protect the balance of the worlds. Why they have chosen to become Flowers, is for their own reasons.

The plot focuses on the Elite Enforcer named Katyusha travelling around the French port city of Provere tempting to solve a series of murders in the city. She is often at odds with the Flower's leader Judith and in general is not close to any of the other Flowers, save for Chiaki, an energetic girl from Asia. The other main character is named Constantina. She wants to prove to the world that she is an equal, if not better, than Katyusha.

These girl's lives will be pushed to the test when two Nephilim appear searching for their missing sister.

The Daiki-Verse  Aeon2

The Night of Aeon chronicles an early epic set in the 1940s. It is 1944. Mussolini has fled Rome and now the German Army is in the Holy City. With the occupation, an ancient society called the Aeons is summoned from the four corners of the world to help defend the Holy City. They are all people with magical abilities that have allowed them to stay hidden from Nazi agression for five years. Now with the Nazi backed Vril Society trying to break into Vatican archives, this could prove fatal to the ever approaching Allied forces. It is a tale of the supernatural during a modern war.

The Church has a secret weapon in their arsenal. A Nephilim woman named Tamara that decided to help humans instead of fighting them. The story focuses on a young man named Achille, whom is a Zionist from Switzerland, tha joins up with the so called "Heretical" Aeons in order to fight against the Nazis and save his people from the rule of the German Juggernaught. Achille must learn how to deal with a group that is made up of various supernatural magi being hunted by the Organization, Italian Partisans, and more.

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