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Name:Queen Mistlyn Banovic. " Rane" literally means "pain."

Race:Embera Faye.

Age:Early 20s in Generation One

Faction: Queen of the Embera Nation.


As Mistlyn:

Queen Rane  Misty

As Rane:

Queen Rane  C0ffb2b84300fae0a9fd870543583385

Rane wears a mix of silvers, reds, and blacks. Her everyday outfit is a red poncho-jacket with a white shirt underneath. When on official duties, Rane wears an outdated looking goddess-inspired outfit with a strange crown. In battle, she wears the uniform of the Paladins in a reversed color, which means it is a solid blood-red with white pipping. While she is no longer called the Ruby Queen, she still likes the color, suggesting the old Mistlyn is located somewhere within.

Abilities: She has a skill which crystallizes pure energy which then can be used as a sword or thrown weapon. Rane also seems to like electrical discharges, as her magecraft involves flashes of Embera lightning. Rane can create "claws" which can cut through any form of metal. She also has the Aura, which is a sign of her being a leader. It generally causes all loyal faye to come to her aid. It is believed this power can also phase humans.

Weaknesses: Rane's biggest weakness is her fear of being abandoned, betrayed, and let down. While, she is a queen she feels that she is very isolated from her community at large. This is because of the fact that as a child, her mother demanded her to be a prim and proper lady. Even at a young age, this caused a split between mother and daughter. While her father supports Mistlyn just the way she is, the nearly constant nagging of her mother has caused an emotional toil on her and often makes her lack confidence in herself. She became friends with Adonai, believing that he'll somehow be able to make her feel safe.

Personality: Rane is best described as an antiheroine. She methodically takes what she wants within the limits of her code of conduct with regard for whom she hurts. As the queen of a nation she cares about tradition, loyalty, and order but will break these codes in order to save the greater good. Rane plays by the rules but without mercy or compassion to her foes. She condemns others according to their actions. Rane is loath to break laws or promises. She can be vengeful, proud,hostile, calculating, plotting, merciless, domineering, commanding, and is organized.

Equipment:At the height of her power, Rane had the airship, Sword of Embera as her own and an entire nation at her command.

History: Rane's birth name was Mistlyn. Before she gave into her evil ways, she was a red haired faye that had a lot of potential for good. Living in an area of stability, she study complex magic under a magus that worked for a group of scholars, his name was Dedrick De Marisco.

However, with the invasion of Rellinians into Zeledin, the Rellinians brought with them a “scholar” that broke the ancient taboo of melding magic and technology together to make weapons of war.This was the dark start of the Industrial Revolution.

After the death of her father and the destruction of her capital, Mistlyn became hyper focused on finding the Living Deity of Embera. Dedrick had taught Mistlyn that in every generation, there are a few people that have high magical potential within them. The Void is the most powerful part of these people. Learning from the invaders, she began to plot to make a magi-tech weapon that not even the Rellinians could withstand.

This caused a rift between her and the Paladins, an elite shock unit in her military. They were conservatives that viewed themselves as the upholders of justice in the kingdom. Viewing their murmurs as a personal attack, Mistlyn became even more obsessive about finding the living deity since they were unlikely to help her out.

It was a major delight when she found Eve, the younger sister of her lover Adonai. Eve had all the right signs of being a living deity. Believing hard work will pay off in the end, Mistlyn continued to try and persuade Eve to help her.

Eve never gave in. Her brother Adonai kept moving his sister from locale to locale. Annoyed with all the evading, Mistyln finally found Eve and proceeded to attack when she was the most vulnerable. Her soul was transfer into a void barrier, which keeps the soul trapped. Without a mortal body blocking all of her inner power, Eve became a source of seemingly infinite power.

With the main core ready, Mistlyn could finish her airship. She planned to use this weapon on Rellinia. This was almost prevented when Adonai and Dedrick halted Mistlyn inside the airship. The void barrier was on her very person. Adonai attacked with his best skills. He came close to overpowering her but couldn't see himself killing the woman he loved. Broken hearted, she was going to give up but then Adonai embraced her, apologizing for everything. To both of their surprise, Dedrick stabbed him. He taunted both Mistlyn and Adonai, has he bleed to death.

Eve witnessed the death of her brother but could do nothing. Her anger soon caused the barrier to glow. The light blinded Rane and Dedrick, causing her to drop the orb out a window and into the countryside.

This finally pushed her over the edge and she used the name Rane, which means pain, from this point on. She dyed her hair silver, the sign of mourning in her culture. Her fashion also attempted to reflect the golden days of the Embera Kingdom.

However, not all was well for her. The death of Adonai triggered the Paladin Rebellion. Rane's elite soldiers turned on her and slowly were able to get the aid of several other nations; chiefly Chenoa led by their High Priestess Erin Tenpenny. Like Rane, she too had been taught by Dedrick De Marisco.

Erin quickly searched the country side for the barrier. Rane appeared and battled Erin. It seemed that the match would end in defeat for Erin; until Dedrick Glenhill came to the aid of Erin. Rane recaptured the orb and still remained in power. She could continue with her plans to use her new airship, the Sword of Embera to destroy Rellinia.

Queen Rane is now a national heroine, to most that is.

In the countryside, the elite units of the Paladins are now in open revolt. Since the death of one of their officers, Eldoin, they have been amounting terrorist attacks on army barracks and other sites of importance around the Zeledin countryside. They have the greatest amount of support from the farmers and regions from where the elites were raised.

The regular military and militias are on high alert…

Rane is nearly assassinated by one of the Paladins. Therefore, the overseers declare that Rane should remain hidden from public affairs for a few days. While Rane ponders why someone would try to murder her, she talks with her handmaiden, Lassi.

Lassi was a friendly, energetic, fun, compassionate, sensitive and kind young woman. There was a calm aura to her, which other servants of Rane found to be soothing. While she was almost officially an adult, she was quite childish, unless in the presence of her Queen. Another quality to Lassi was that she could see the light in everyone. She was convinced that no being can be downright evil to the core.

After several months, Joshua and the Team Zero go on a very daring raid. They will capture the Sword of Embera. The airship is kept on display for show of power. Their plans do not go well at first; until a bomb planted by the Paladins goes off in another part of the city. Most of the guards are called off; since the belief is that no one outside of the queen knows how the ship works, a naïve move on army’s end.

Rane now has a massive set back on her hands. Enraged, she orders a massive campaign in the countryside to force the Paladins out at any cost. She is under the assumption that they stole her ship and they will pay for this. Lassi remained by Rane’s side, but is unsure if this was the best course of action. Rane grew more and more depressed.

When Joshua and the members of Team Zero appeared to defeat her, they found a broken woman sitting on her throne weeping. Joshua was unable to even think about killing her. It was then that Lord Dedrick appeared with some Paladins appeared. He cackled that everything was going is way. Joshua and Eve then teamed up to battle him. While he was not killed, Dedrick would be unable to recover for years to come. However, Eve would be forced to rest as well for she over used her own powers.

After Joshua formed the Category, Rane once again returned to using the name Mistlyn. However, she has decided to stay out of the limelight. It is said that she is one of the magi that currently lives in the Categroy HQs that are now stationed in her old palace.

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