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Sword of Embera: Medus Tenpenny  Empty Sword of Embera: Medus Tenpenny

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Character Name: Medus “Tenpenny” Aldor
Name Meaning: "The Cunning One". Tenpenny is his mother’s maiden surname. Medus often uses it in place of Aldor.
Alias: Pirate King
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Water Faye-Human
Age: 24
B-Day: 9/22
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Bloodtype: O
Place of Birth: Chenoa City, The Kingdom of Chenoa
Current Residence: Destruction Reef, Azar
Occupation: Head of the Yellow Brothers Syndicate
School/Grade: Finished college.
Family: Father: Lex Aldor, Mother: Erin Tenpenny
Gemstone: Sardonyx


Sword of Embera: Medus Tenpenny  Meduscape

Height: 6’1”

Hair: Blue. Medus has some trace of purple strands as well. This suggests that he might have some Twilight faye blood in his ancestry though this is has not been confirmed.
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing Marks: Only thing that truly stands out about him is that his uniform is tailored differently from the rest of the deck officers.

General Appearance: Medus looks professional and uniformed. Medus has short blue hair that reaches to the mid of his neck. His eyes are a deep ocean blue. While he is a mixed blood, Medus has more in common with his faye tribe in looks than he does with his human relatives. Medus looks a little younger than most people his age, with most people believing that he’s only 18 instead of 24. He displays a lot of emotion in his face and doesn’t attempt hide it when he’s upset or mad.

General Clothing: He wears a red tunic and slacks when off duty. This tunic has gold trim in the center and on the cuffs. When he is on ship and for formal wear, Medus dons a long vest that reaches his knees and his tunic. He also wears a cape only during this time. He wears a large waist belt that allows for his to carry many rounds of ammo and a place to keep his whip. Medus almost always wears tall boots as a part of his outfits.

Strengths: Medus is capable of breathing underwater since he’s a water faye. He can also turn into a water form for several minutes which means that he can escape many tight jams. He is also light weight and therefore is more agile than most other faye or humans. Medus is fast, as well. Most of his powers focused on his skills over magic.

Weaknesses: His worrisome nature makes his inclined to worry and this makes Medus is vulnerable to stomach and bowel troubles. He has an esoteric cuisine and as his delicate stomach require his to be careful about his diet, it is essential that he treat his fascination with exotic food with extreme care. He also likes to smoke to deal with stress.


Allies: Medus prefers his own personal freedom than he cares about the overall balance between good and evil. This is not to say that he doesn’t care about the Category, but he feels that it is too rigid in laws. His closest ally is named Naomi Galison whom is a no-nonsense female Light Faye. Naomi acts as his second in command and swordsmen. They're comrades and close friends. Naomi is the person he trusts the most. And one of the few, if not the only one, he'd give his life for. Medus ’s First Mate is named Joel Galison. Joel is the man he wishes that his father was more like. He is wise and earthly.

Enemies: He has very few.

Current Goal/Purpose: The Category wants him on their elite team known as Unit Zero. Medus is “missing” and it is their goal to find him. Medus is aware that the Category is tracking him; so, he decides to trail after the "arcane master:" Skie Videlin. He hopes to use her to find the remains Sword of Embera, which Medus views as being rightfully his.

Aspirations: Stay hidden and be left alone from the outside world. He has little to no interest in becoming a member of Unit Zero or the Cateogry.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, flower gardening, planning out his meals (though he’s not a very good cook).

Likes: Health foods, Lists, Hygiene, Order, Wholesomeness

Dislikes: Medus dislikes anything that can be hazardous to his health, such as certain foods or being unclean. He also highly dislikes anything he considers sordid; this includes sloppy workers and squalor. And the most obvious being uncertain about himself.

Talents: Medus is good with accounting and controlling revenues. This is how he became the overall leader of the Syndicate powers. He worked his way through the system and out moved his rivals. Medus is a skill tactician as well, making his a very dangerous foe when it comes to dealing with battles.

Inabilities: Medus is extremely fussy and is a worrier. He conceals too much of his emotions, to which he is afraid of giving way because he does not trust others, nor does he have confidence in himself and his judgments when it comes to his personal life. This is because he is conscious of certain shortcomings in himself of worldliness, of practicality, of sophistication and of outgoingness.

Medus is overcritical and harsh when it comes to dealing with people he dislikes. In terms of leadership he is an arch perfectionist and conservative. Responsibility irks him. Medus is essentially a tactician, admirable in the attainment of limited objectives.

Fears: That he will be forced to join Unit Zero without his voice in the matter.

General Personality: Can be viewed as an old maid at times. He is intellectually enquiring, methodical and logical, studious and teachable. Medus does not want to be remembered as the son of Lex Aldor, a man that he feels betrayed his mother during their marriage.

Overall, Medus' relationship with his mother is a complex one. He respects his mother with a great passion but he does not believe that magic is the means to make the world a better place.

Medus learned most of his cunning trickery from Erin. He is often defensive about his overall personality and is only open when he chooses to be. Medus has a love for the fine arts and is known to be a member of the University crowds in Chenoa City.

Inner Personality: Medus can be sensible, discreet, well spoken, wise and witty, with a good understanding of other people's problems which he can tackle with a practicality not always evident in his own personal relationships. He is intellectually enquiring, methodical and logical, studious and teachable. He combines mental ingenuity with the ability to produce a clear analysis of the most complicated problems. He has an excellent eye for detail.

Fondest Memory: Taking Naomi out for dinner.

Biggest Regret: None.

Secret: Medus likes to read trashy novels.


Special Items: Medus is armed with the fastest airship called the Calypso's Fall. The Calypso's Fall is the fastest airship in the Category’s entire zone of influence.

It is a destroyer-class naval ship that features a solid, smooth, boat-like hull. Its prow is dominated by a large ramming horn. Resting beneath this is the secondary hull, which contains the lift Embera Unit. Extending behind the primary hull is a single thrust vector Embera Unit, looking exactly like an enormous version of Rose's speed ship main engine.

Unlike most of the Category’s engines on their airships, the Embera Units onboard the Calypso-class are powered by exclusively by Embera thrust and not a combination of steam and Embera. This can be seen with the large Embera “ball” towards the front of the ship.

The destroyer's primary weapons consist of two anti-ship torpedo launches. The short-range weaponry is two trios of small turrets machine guns.

Length: 321ft' Height: 150' Maximum Speed: 151.1kt (171 mph) Maximum Armor: 356mm (on broadsides).

Weapons: Medus always carries a short naval cutlass and several pistols in normal pirate fashion.


Ice Blast: Medus can convert the water in the air into ice, therefore allowing his to freeze opponents with blasts of cold air.


General History: Medus is the eldest son of Lex and Erin. He was 4 years old when Lex became a full fledge officer in the Chenoan Navy. His mother is the High Priestess of the Temple of the Moon. Therefore, his relationship between them is strained. He respects his mother but hates his father. The two of them rarely interact, especially after the divorce.

After graduating from the Chenoan Engineering School, Medus decided to get into the world of port trading; much like his mother did before she joined Unit Zero. Medus spent some time living with a close family friend named Joel and his adopted daughters, Naomi and Rose. This trio became close as family and have been associated ever since.

However, he got bored, and since the age of 19, he’s gained a vast pirating community through rather obscure means and mostly because of the fact that he’s good at striking fear into the hearts of even the bravest sailors…

Medus controls the most powerful military force outside of the Category itself. Medus also controls the Syndicate, which is an international underground mafia. With these two factors, Medus can rest assured that there are very few that can mess with his and his empire. However, Unit Zero has been chasing after the half faye to get him to join with them. He’s clearly not interested and has been elusive ever since….

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