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Sword of Embera: Rose Glenhill  Empty Sword of Embera: Rose Glenhill

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Character Name: Rosalyn Glenhill
Name Meaning: "Beautiful Rose".
Alias: Rose
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Light Faye/Human
Age: 14
B-Day: 12/02
Zodiac Sign: Saggitarius
Bloodtype: AB+
Place of Birth: Starrymill, Kingdom of the Springs.
Current Residence: Zeledin City
Occupation: Weapons designer, airship pilot, engine designer, pirate.
School/Grade: She spent most of her training and learning from her father.
Family: Joel Gailson (adopted father), Naomi Gailson (adopted sister)
Gemstone: Turquoise


Sword of Embera: Rose Glenhill  09ff6df4f5bceaa52cf1c18e339590e4

Height: 157 cm

Hair: Yellow

Eyes: Blue

Distinguishing Marks: Her glasses.

General Appearance: Bright, intelligent. She has sparkling eyes which often twinkle with good humor. Her neck-length hair is worn in a haphazard style and sometimes it is braided. She is skinny and overall has a small feminine build. Her skin is cream-colored. Rose is beautiful and still has a childish innocence to her.

General Clothing: Rose always wears red glasses, a red jacket, and mostly of the time a red dress when not working. Her mechanics cap belonged to her father. Her hair is always sloppy and she normally looks like she’s covered in soot or dirt since she works on machines a lot.

Strengths: Rose has above average human strength since she’s half faye. She often forgets about this fact and has been known to send Joel flying on occasion.

Weaknesses: Rose has a tendency to fall over, trip over, or collide with things.


Allies: She respects most of the characters but doesn’t go out of her way to make close friendships with any of them. Medus Aldor is known to put much of his personal investment into Rose’s company. Naomi tolerates her, but finds her overly childish.

Enemies: Rose has no enemies.

Current Goal/Purpose: Rose is the child prodigy of the Yellow Brothers. She has great skills with conception style magics.

Aspirations: Rose’s main goal is to make a name for herself.

Hobbies: Rose dabbles in crossword puzzles as a hobby. She is also a pretty good artist since she has to come up with detailed drawings to use in designing her airships. Rose prefers to make “junk sculptures” out of scarp pieces she has laying around her shop.

Likes: Travel, exploration, cracking codes, tracking down mysteries, and solving problems. Rose loves the freedom of action and new ideas.

Dislikes: Rose dislikes disapproval from others the most, having her honesty doubted is the key to this so she has issues with making promises. She also dislikes wearing tight clothing. She also hates people talking about her body.

Talents: Rose doesn’t do much in the means of complex battle magics, since her focus is on craft. Unlike most light faye, Rose is a good brawler since her father was once a professional boxer. Rose is rumored to be able to use portal magic, since she tends to appear and disappear at whim on the airship.

Inabilities: Meddlesome- Intrusive in a meddling or offensive manner, given to meddling; interfering. Impish- Naughtily or annoyingly playful.

Fears: Her biggest fear is being held back. No matter who or what the cause, if Rose is held back in life, in love, or in opportunity for spiritual growth she will be unhappy, even though she will keep smiling through all hardships.

General Personality: Some characters have pervasive or extremely noticeable personality quirks, but somehow remain faithfully employed because they are just that good at what they do. This is the role of Rose in the Sword of Embera. She has many quirks and is highly eccentric. Rose has been known to argue with people on the other side of the phone, when in fact, it is just her disagreeing with herself about certain projects.

Rose is a genius and she knows it. She can get jealous fairly easily and will then proceed to kick her rival’s butt. Her mind is also prone to wander and focus on complex or weird issues. She also breaks the fourth wall a lot.

Inner Personality: Rose does not like the fact that people just view her as little more than an eccentric little girl. Rose is a sweet heart and likes trying to keep most people in her life happy. Rose doesn’t like being compared to her sister Naomi, whom she finds to be a little too "motherly" at times. She is a tomboy and is proud of it.

Fondest Memory: Seeing Medus’ ship, the Calypso’s Fall in combat for the first time.

Biggest Regret: Not getting along with Naomi at times.

Secret: Rose’s secret hero is Lassilsa, Rane’s handmaiden.


Special Items: Sling shot, monkey wrench, giant hammer, tool belt, bandolier for her firearm, and a machine rifle that fires Embera bullets.

Magic: Blinding Light: She can overwhelm opponents’ visualization to the point where they are blinded by light. This spell does not affect beings from the Moon tribe.

Rose trained in the study of Craft. This magical style focuses on visualizing items in her mind, allowing her the ability to craft them from pure thought. This does not mean that she can access a weapon by summoning it into her hands. She must take her time to create a specific item, such as a sword. She spent most of her time training with her father’s machines.


General History: Joel is Naomi’s father and they remain close. However, since she is a higher rank, he has decided to work in the engine room and has taken in Rose as a second daughter since she is still underage. Since few people can control or tolerate Rose’s quirks, he has been chosen to be her second while battles occur. He believes that she has great potential to alter the course of technology.


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