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Sword of Embera Generation One: Joshua  Empty Sword of Embera Generation One: Joshua

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Name: Joshua Youngsblood

Race: Human/Embera Faye

Age: Late teens.

Faction: The Category

Job: Founder of the Category

Appearance: Sword of Embera Generation One: Joshua  E00277ff0538b99d5e7bd8c9ade29752

Joshua has always kept to a spefic style of look, that being a long coat that helps keep him safe from the elements without becoming over heated on hot summer days. He’ll keep a wide brimmed hat on his person for this same reasoning. While over time he has become more of a political leader, he still remains a farm boy at heart. Joshua really, if ever, wore armor since he felt that it was too restrictive. He stands around 6 feet tall and is fairly muscular. Around his neck, he always wears an eagle medallion, which is a sign that his mother came from an Emberian noble family.

Abilities: Josh is well trained in the art of fencing, since his father believed that the child should be prepared at a moment’s notice, if any foes should try to raid his village.

Embera Wave: This magical style invokes the form of a dragon and strikes opponents down with blasts of Embera in its dark purple form. He can also use Embera Lightening, though he finds that it is too sporadic for his liking.

Weaknesses: Gullible- Will believe any information given, regardless of how valid or truthful it is, easily deceived or duped. Overprotective- To protect too much; coddle.

Personality: He is the "all American hero" and a callback to heroes of more innocent times. He hardly ever swears. He is rugged, dorky, and he drinks his four glasses of milk every day. Joshua tries to avoid fights as much as possible since it’s not in his nature to kill unless he’s in extreme danger. This often puts him at odds with Chavvah, whom is a very vengeful spirit against Rane. He is awkward around women, because he didn’t have experience with them on the farm. He wanted to help free Eve. Their friendship had a lot of hardships. After the defeat of Rane and Eve's "death," he shifted his attention to rebuilding the Emberian Kingdom of Zeledin into a nation state renamed Zeldin.

Equipment: He has various items needed to survive in the rural frontiers of his homeland. Knives, pots, spare clothes, etc. Hunting rifle: Not really a combat weapon but he is a half way decent shooter. It is a lever action weapon, which allows for 13 shots to be fired in a min. He prefers using it to hunt small game.

History: Joshua is a loner, almost everyone knows he is the son of an unpopular politician. His biological father and mother left in disgrace. Therefore, Joshua was adopted by his uncle named Feltok, whom was a former Paladin in Rane's army. His uncle had retired from the military years before Rane's fall into darkness. Joshua has been known to speak to himself a lot. Josh is not an overly brave person because of constant beatings he’s received by sailors when he tries looting from ships to survive.

He has a goal to fight in the militia to defend his homeland from the invasion by Rellinia. Feltok ruled against this idea. Feltok believed that his son was better off as a mechanic or blacksmith, since he had enough foresight to know that machines were the way of the future. Therefore, Joshua has a good knowledge of how steam power works upon water going vessels. Often times armed with a rifle, Joshua spent his time in the woods hunting instead of staying at the shop.

Since he was not often well received, Joshua had few friends growing up. Dion, a resident Moon Faye, proved to be the exception. Iudio acted as an older brother and mentor to Joshua. Unlike Josh, he was rugged and well trained in defensive arts. When it comes down to a choice between killing the villain and not killing his foe, the he will not kill the foe. Joshua; however, beliefs in the morale code of Thou Shall Not Kill, ever.

When the Paladin Rebellion broke out, Joshua met the High Priest Erin Tenpenny and Dedrick Glenhill. They had recently been defeated by Rane in an attempt to rescue the Orb Barrier in which Eve was entrapped. The Paladins were a hard core unit and sought out the aid of Feltok. Feltok believed that it was better for soldiers to remain apolitical. He refused to joy them in battle. The rouge band of Paladins took offence to this and murdered him on the spot.

Joshua was not there to witness this because he had gone off with Erin and Dedrick to pick up supplies for their home. With the defeat of his father, Joshua became determined to free Rane from her darkness. Dedrick offered Joshua to travel with him and Erin for a save haven in Chenoa. Dion decided to travel with Joshua.

There was a secret motivation for Dedrick to bring Joshua with him. The teen had shown great magical skill by being able to use Embera Lightening. The only other beings that had shown this power were Rane and Eve. Was he the exception to the rules?

Dedrick offered Joshua and Iudio spots on the "Team Zero" unit that he was forming. He believed that magi and warriors trained in the methods of the High Isgauls would be able to defeat Rane. The original team would be made up of Joshua Youngsblood, Erin Tenpenny (Water Faye), Elrik Veyado (Earth Faye), Stino Glenhill, Dion(Forest Faye), and Flora Cypress (Light Faye).

They would go on several missions before attempting to steal the airship, the Sword of Embera, from Rane. Joshua had many difficulties with trying to prove his worth to members like Dedrick's mischievous son Stino and the over aggressive Elrik. Flora found his idealism to be cute and hit on him from time to time, but such is the personality of many light faye. Joshua remained closest to Erin and Iudio. Dedrick began to feel that he had made a mistake by choosing Joshua, until they were involved in a skrimish with some of the military forces led by Rane's militias. By saving the lives of Stino and Elrik, while under heavy fire he proved his worth.

After several months, Joshua and the Team Zero go on a very daring raid. They will capture the Sword of Embera. The airship is kept on display for show of power. Their plans do not go well at first; until a bomb planted by the Paladins goes off in another part of the city. Most of the guards are called off; since the belief is that no one outside of the queen knows how the ship works, a naïve move on army’s end.

Joshua and Erin are the first to discover the chamber were Eve is held. Her form has been reduced to a meager blue light. Erin attempts to wake her up, but Eve ignores her. Joshua then pleads with her. If she helps them, then he’ll find a way to set her free from this prison. Eve scoffs at this idea, but then Elrik Veyado suggests that maybe she can get revenge on Rane for all the pain she has suffered. This is what sets her interests. The ship then takes off.

While most of the Team celebrates their remarkable victory, Joshua stays behind with Eve. He talks with her about various things. It is decided that the airship should be dismantled, so that Rane can’t use it again. Joshua and Erin carefully remove the Void barrier and place Eve’s spirit form into Joshua’s backpack. They then sink the airship to bottom of the sea, near a place called the Reef of Destruction.

Most of Team Zero votes to return to Chenoa since they don’t want to force their nations into a war, should Rane find out that the Paladins weren’t involved with the raid. However, Joshua, Erin, and Iudio decide to band together to face Rane.

The four soon set off, facing dangers near and far. The conflict the paladins and the regular army was still being wage. This would bring a new threat to Josh’s life, when Rane sensed the presence of Eve on one of the battlefields. He slowly gained Eve’s trust and they began to become close friends. After several encounters with the Paladins, he was able to convince most of them that they were on similar terms; especially, when Eve began to speak and once they realized it was he who helped to take down the airship.

One night, Joshua and Dion decided to travel back to the palace of Rane to get an idea of how they could deal with Rane. They had left Eve with Erin at a nearby friendly Paladin camp. Joshua encountered Lassi for the first time. After several more visits, they began to respect each other. One night, Lassi decided to follow Josh back to the camp. There she hugged Joshua in plain site. This made Eve jealous, though Josh felt their love was like that of a brother and sister. Fearing that she’d squeal the Paladins attempt to attack her, before both Dion and Erin intervened.

He didn’t trust the Paladin’s intentions. Speaking with both Erin and Dion, he took Eve with him to face off against her. However, much to his shock Joshua did not find an epic foe to fight. Rane sat in her throne weeping. She was never the true enemy. Dedrick appeared. Eve would battle him to the best of her ability as a spirit. While she was unable to kill him, Dedrick would be forced into the shadows for decades to come. Then the Paladins came charging in. They had managed to capture the Palace with the help of Erin and Dion. However, Joshua and Lassi had helped Rane escape into the woods.

A year passes. After realizing that Eve would have wanted him to move on with life, Joshua married Lassi and helped with the founding of the Category. He refused to become a king, but rather believed that the best way to prevent major wars was to create a society based upon magical studies and policies that supported other nations.

The Royal Zeledin Army was offered a chance to remain in power but many soldiers and people of the cities decided to move away. Rane was still very popular amongst many of them and they felt that this new government was not a legitimate heir. They would move to a different island to establish a “government-in-exile.”

Eve is laid to rest in a small house in one of the villages of the former kingdom. Some believe it was the house that she lived in before all the events that unfolded. For now, Eve needs to recover…She may just wake up again when she is needed the most. However that secret is only known by Joshua and Lassi.

It seemed that peace has finally come to Mirabella.

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