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Post by Fluffy on Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:43 pm

Hello there. My name is [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], but most call me Cathy. Well… When I had friends and family around, anyway. Like Jonathon, I left my home to find something better. My village was set up at the edge of a lake. I did not like the life of a shut in, expected to cook and clean all day long for my future husband and children. I was supposed to be marrying a man named Nicholas; we were childhood friend. Sadly, I do not have any infatuation with this guy. Our families agreed it would be for the best and we would have strong, healthy, beautiful kids.

I wanted something more.

One night, I gathered up as much as I could and sneaked out of my house. I wanted adventure to meet someone I actually loved. All I carry with me is my favourite dress, a picture of my family, all my money, a tent, a jacket and the clothes on my back. I also carried my Grandfather’s sword, but I have no idea how to use it. I had food as well, but of course, that doesn’t last forever…

I wandered far away from home and have not yet seen any human civilization. I became starving and weak, and suffered under the rain. When I couldn’t walk any further, I went to a tree for shelter where I kept as much warmth as I could in my jacket. Even so, I knew I was catching a cold.

In my favour, a pair of white haired beings with pointed ears began to walk past me. Spotting me, they stopped, and stared at me like I was an alien. One was a woman that just folded her arms and walked away from me; the other was a man who seemed interested in the sword I had. He was like an angel… So beautiful, so tall, so wise looking. I was love struck!

This man calls himself Tager. He gave me some food he had on him and asked if I’ve seen a woman with white hair and icy blue eyes that travels with a farm boy. I assumed they passed through this area at one time… For some reason, I lied to him and said I had. I think I did it just so they’d let me travel with them.

I like to cling to Tager and pick flowers for him. When he has time, he teaches me how to fight with my sword! He’s a hero to me and I’ll never leave his side, no matter how many times he pushes me away. He claims he loves this Selina woman, but I am determined to prove to him that I can be good enough for him. I’d do anything he asks, even die…

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