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Post by Fluffy on Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:40 pm


Character Name:
Michelle “MD” Durango




Ferndale, WA

High school senior



- Years of track and field has made her agile, swift and nimble
- Quick witted and clever
- Writing and reading are her greatest academic skills; she’s also an artist
- Knows a lot about animals and their well beings
- Has no fear of people. She believes no person should be afraid of another, since we’re really all the same and in a way, we’re a big family.

- Doesn’t have the best social skills, so she timidly avoids talking if she can
- Has an unexplainable fear of bugs
- Short temper leads to “cute” tantrums, which makes her lose focus on everything that was going on
- Stoic as she might seem, she’s actually very sensitive and easy to upset
- Intolerant of pain and suffers from seasonal allergies


Current Goal/Purpose:
Learn the meaning of the dreams she’s been having. She also aims to get a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy.

Reading, writing, drawing, singing, running, cooking, “Queen of Comebacks”

Starting a conversation, doing calculus, seeing clearly without glasses on

Bugs, fire, drowning/swimming and heights

General Personality:
Mostly, a fun-loving, sweet girl. She fits well into the category of “nerdy” since she has that particular image and obsesses over nerdy things. People find her too adorable to take seriously, which makes her temper even shorter at times. It’s almost as if Michelle is an angel and a devil sharing a body because of how different she is when she’s angry. She is also very compassionate and gets concerned for the feelings of others, even if she doesn’t like them. Michelle refuses to hate anybody.

Inner Personality:
In her mind, she’s always questioning, analyzing and philosophizing. If she looks distant or distracted, it’s because she’s deep in thought. It’s difficult for a person to tell how she’s really feeling because even when she’s depressed, she’ll mask it with a goofy smile. Often times, she gets sad without knowing why.


General History:
Michelle has a bond with both parents, but neither are as strong as everyone would like. She rarely made friends in school because her parents pushed her to focus on nothing but her studies. Because of this, she’s inexperienced with romance, despite how many books she’s read. Michelle’s had a boyfriend once, who separated from her because they shared no common interests. All she has to be proud of is a cat she’s kept healthy most of her life and many academic achievements. Having no friends, no lover and no emotional relationship with her family has left her as a hollow girl whose only wish is to be noticed. She’s found that when she’s most happy, she’s dreaming. There are angels, one in particular, that she gets visions of, and sometimes converses with. This has become very important to MD… She hopes to learn the meaning of it all. She’s finishing up her last year in high school while deciding which college she wants to go to. As expected by her parents, many have accepted her. She’s at least thankful that they’ve allowed her to choose her career path instead of deciding for her. MD understands that her parents only want her to be successful, but their pushiness hasn’t been completely helpful over the years…

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