Sword of Embera Generation One: Lassilsa

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Sword of Embera Generation One: Lassilsa Empty Sword of Embera Generation One: Lassilsa

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Lassilsa or she'll respond to "Lassi"



Embera Faye


Lassi's hair is naturally a deep shade orange, some strands yellower than others.To match, she has dark eyes, both of which are marked with yellow and orange around them. Usually, her race dresses 'inappropriately', so to speak, but she's much more modest. Reason being, she wants to be more respectful in front of her Queen. So, she typically will wear dresses that don't go too far above the knees and when running errands, she wears a dark purple cape. Her skin is pale and although she's a maturing young woman, there's still enthusiastic youthfulness in her facial features.

Friendly, energetic, fun, compassionate, sensitive and kind. Lassi's rarely angered, so no one has to worry about getting yelled at or punched due to short temper. There's a calm aura to her, which other servants of Rane find to be soothing. While she is almost officially an adult, she is quite childish, unless in the presence of her Queen. Another quality to Lassi is she can see the light in everyone. She's convinced that no being can be downright evil to the core.

She has supportive abilities that involve healing and conjuring illusions. This allows her to aid her Queen in battle and help cure her illnesses, should she catch any. If a distraction is needed, Lassi can be counted on to create one. That aside, she is fairly agile. She can run fast because of how often she's rushed from one place to another with messages, groceries or whatever else Rane has demanded.

Being so young, her magic isn't at its strongest. If she puts too much effort into a healing spell, for example, she could very well push past her limits and pass out. Also, she cannot be counted on to assist in physical combat. Lassi is a very frail girl who bruises and breaks pretty easily.

History: Lassi's history is long and complex. She was a personal maid for Queen Mistlyn and one of the few people that knew her on a very intimate level. While longer than the queen, she felt that she had a sisterhood with her. Lassi never fully understood the relationship between Mistlyn and Adonai; since they seemed to have little in common. She was often fearful of Lord De Marisco, though she often would comfort Mistlyn after her mentor proved to be too cruel. Lassi remained close with Rane, even after she slipped deeper and deeper into her darkness. Lassi refused to let the old queen she knew so well die with the birth of Rane. Ultimately, during the Paladin Rebellion, Lassi learned that Rane regretted killing Adonai. She met Joshua and then both of them slowly began to work together to try and reform Rane. However, Eve and the Queen's fight ended with Rane's death. She mourned the loss of her queen but ended up staying with Joshua because she believed that he had a noble heart.

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