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The Cast of Selina  Empty The Cast of Selina

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Selina: A young woman in her late teens. Selina is a short-tempered no nonsense woman, who had a near-death experience that changed her significantly. Selina has platinum blonds hair and sharp icy eyes that show little emotion. She was trained with using a long spear tipped blade, but can seemingly pick up any weapon and use it deadly accuracy. Selina had been raised to be a Special Forces soldier by a high ranking officer named Tager. Her platoon had been completely destroyed when attacked by a high leveled Corrupted Beast. Selina only barely managed to escape. Due to the loss of the soldiers, her government blamed her and exiled her into the wilderness. With no place to call home, Selina wanders around from isolated village to village hunting down monsters for a small fee and a place to stay for the night. She has wound up in the Coliseum to redeem her honor as a soldier.

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Nana: From the same village as Ali. Only 5 years old, so she's not involved with the fighting. Nana doesn't speak at all because of her witnessing the death of her family. Nana has a love for rice and dumpling soup and tends to doodle in order to tell stories. Ali watches over the young girl, like an older sister. Nana seems to look up Samson the most of all the group. Of all the characters she remains the most human.

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Samson: The "Old Man." A vet of a war against a neighboring nation, he has not been granted citizenship and has decided to go into the Coliseum for personal revenge against the Kin. He has declared that he's doing this for his wife and children, although he has not seen them in well over 20 years. No one knows if they are still alive but this doesn't stop him from his aspirations. He is chaotic in personality and has a wild streak of being a rouge, stoner, rebel without a cause, and many more titles. Samson has adopted Nana as the daughter he never had and is a loving father figure to all the girls. Samson is a rockstar with a machine gun. He works with Ali better than he does Selina, even though both of them are veteran fighters. Jonathan believes Samson is related to the Tsar because of their uncanny resemblance.

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Ali: A member of a village that was at war with the Kin. This woman does not bring this fact up, since she knows that the Kin are too dangerous to take head on in combat and would rather move on with life. Ali is an enduring smuggler searching for purpose in her life now that her sweet heart was slain in the war. While Ali is not a fan of combat, she's trained as an archer and is a solid marksmen. Ali has a sweet personality but like Selina can be cold if she needs to be. It is best not to think of her as a damsel in distress for she's willing to kill to get her's and Nana's freedom from slavery.

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Jon: Left his rural village out of his own free will. Wishes to become a citizen to see all of the world. Upon entering the capital, Jon was forced to enter through the only gates into the city, and because of this he has been granted a chance to fight for his citizenship into the Kingdom. He has fallen in love with Selina, though he knows it is probably not a good idea to fall in love during the Coliseum games. He puts up with Selina's negative attitudes but will confront her about her personality. John is a righteous comic who has several nervous habits, including picking his nose and making strange noises when he's overly stress. He also has unusual luck that was granted to him by a fairy he accidentally freed from a trap created by a magi many years in the past. This helps in him on the battlefield. However, Jon is not particularly well trained with any weapons, but he always carries a knife on him.

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Tsar Klaus von Goussev: Tsar of Oreniza. He is a mad man, as in literally insane. He killed his own queen when she said she didn't love him and exiled his children from the kingdom. Klaus is a very lonely man and uses the Coliseum battles to seek out a potential wife. However, that being said he is also a very fatherly man when it comes to the well being of potential citizens since he views them as the only true patriotic people in his nation.

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