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Post by Chavah on Mon Dec 12, 2011 3:33 pm

Name: Geneva Anna Elser

Age: N/A

Race: Mahoreopmec

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 124 lbs.

Power: Geneva’s warrior powers are seldom seen because she prefers to blend in with the general population; however, she is known as a healer amongst the people that do travel on the fringes of the forests. With a single touch she can heal the slightest of tooth aches to the deepest scars. This magical style focuses on both emotions and light. It requires intense concentration.

Job: Geneva is a caretaker/owner of a half way house for Mahoreopmec called the Fine Blessing Inn. To the average human, it just appears to be a café house.

Geneva Anna Elser  Genevareal-1

Geneva has bright orange colored hair that reaches down to her hips. She is generally seen wearing dark blues with various star patterns printed on the clothing. Geneva is rarely seen without her white bowler cap she got from a dear friend from her days beyond the wall...

Personality: Geneva is a calm natured woman, presenting herself as a formal Victorian like lady. She is delicate and refined. However, she also has a great knowledge of folk medicines and healing spells, which make some call her a witch. Geneva rarely gets mad but when provoked does get a sharp, commending tongue.

History: Geneva was a former queen of the Mahoreopmec, specifically the Peacekeepers. During a war that was fought between her bands and the Sorrowkeepers, she became disheartened with war in general and decided to put herself in self exile. She retired, leaving the command of her nation to the Elders. Geneva then moved to the Walled City to became a teacher and care giver to the young angels that found their ways to the town. Her leaving, caused her best friend Zach to become desperate to find her again and in general many of the Peacekeepers wish that she'd return.

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